Being a Skater Boy/Girl on the Street with personal transportation Airwheel M3 PRO Electric Skateboards Complete

Be bored of the regular routine between home and company every day; the electric unicycle is too heavy with its bulkiness not to attract customers. How can we get a new kind of vehicle to change the lifestyle? Airwheel M3 can meet all the demands above. The electric skateboards are cool and light to pick up.

Tony is an undergraduate who is sporty and energetic in campus. He is the founder of skating club. Tony loves skating since skating can help him experience the feeling of flying and happiness. As a result, Tony tries to skate from home to the university every day, which is a far distance, almost 5 miles. It takes a long time for Tony to skate and the skateboards can be worn out rapidly. However, Tony does not want to give up this free and green way of traveling. With the appearance of Airwheel Self-balancing Electric Scooter M3 gives Tony a chance to insist his goal to travel in low carbon air.

Airwheel M3 PRO Electric Skateboards

Airwheel M3 is the wireless remote control skateboard which is shaped as the general skate. It equips with remote control which can control the skateboard to stop or start. Tony just needs to stand on Airwheel M3 and press the button of remote control to start the electric skateboard. Tony is skillful in controlling skateboard to do some stunts. With the assistant of Airwheel M3, Tony can control the skateboards better since it utilizes broader tyres which are with a stronger ability to keep balance on the road . On the way from home to university, some parts of the road are not very flat. Tony is a little worry about this since it may be dangerous. Airwheel M3 equips with high elastic damping block made from the special material TPU above both front and back tyres. TPU can reduce the bump when skateboard turns a corner,so Tony can ride Airwheel M3 steadily and safely. 

Airwheel Self-balancing Electric Scooter

Tony does not like the general skateboards. He wants to scrawl on the plate of the complete skateboards to design it as a unique one. The plate of Airwheel M3 can be changed, and tags of Airwheel M3 can also be access in the online store. What Tony needs to think is just to choose a tag satisfying him. Airwheel M3 makes Tony’s campus life more colorful and energy-saving.

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