Enjoy Pickeddresses’s New Collection of Wedding Dresses Canada by Playing the “Secret Garden” Game

Pickeddresses unveils its new wedding dresses collection – Wedding Dresses Canada in the fashion show. To satisfy and appreciate its customers, Pickeddresses holds a new and creative game named “Secret Garden of Wedding Dresses”.

Anyone who does not know this “Secret Garden of Wedding Dresses” game launched by Pickeddresses may feel puzzled. “Secret Garden” is just an inky treasure hunt and coloring book. How could it be related to Pickeddresses, a wedding dress shop?

This game comes to the reality by accident. One day, the CEO comes to the designers’ office and suddenly finds the coloring book “Secret Garden”, popular among the employees, before leaving. Some of them use the book to relieve their pressure while others just draw it for fun. It is just a usual thing that may happen to any person in any companies, but Pickeddresses changes it to a fun game.

Pickeddresses announces the game on the website, including the information about the rules, the exact date and the place, and the prizes. Anyone can come to the spot to see the game. But people need to apply if they want to play the game. About 40 people will be selected before the game and another ten people will be chosen from the audience on the spot.

Seen from the name “Secret Garden of Wedding Dresses”, this game is to draw or color the pictures. Different from the Inky book, things hidden inside are beadings, ribbons and things about weddings especially about wedding dresses. And the most important thing is that participants cannot use their hands to color the pictures. They have to draw lots to decide which parts, such as legs, heads or waists, they have to use. The judges will give scores according to their work and the audience can also vote for the participants. As the game is held to show the Wedding Dresses Canada collection, participants should be 2 people in one group.

The prizes are the most beautiful wedding dresses selected from the new collection. The dresses are shown at the center of the stage before the game. Everyone present can see the beauty of this collection and even get coupons by taking pictures and post the pictures on their Facebook and other social media. Although Pickeddresses have prepared such amazing prizes, Pickeddresses shows its sincerity by giving the winners the power to choose. Pickeddresses says that winners can change any dresses at the website if they do not like the dresses shown on the spot. It means that winners can choose what they want, the mother of the bride dresses, bridesmaid dresses or even the Flower Girl Dresses Canada collection.

The Product Manager pointed out, “We have faced a little problem while planning this game – how to give away the prizes. As known to all, Pickeddresses sells made-to-order dresses to meet our customers’ needs in a perfect way. We do not know what sizes the winners are in before the game. If we just take the wedding dresses in some limited sizes, these dresses may not fit the winners. This isn’t absolutely what we want. However, if we produce the dresses after the game the participants can not enjoy their success of winning the game. Luckily we come up with an amazing idea to make this activity a great success. Maybe we are the first one to give away prizes in such way. But this is exactly what are doing – bring new things and satisfaction to our customers.”

More unique and fun games held by Pickeddresses are on the way to all the customers.

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