California Cannabis Club introduces the unique Cannabis Martini made with finest Cannabis oil

The California Cannabis Club, Inc has come up with a unique flavor of martini that is all set to hit the market during fall of 2015. It’s named “Modern Martini RX” and is a perfectly blended premium quality drink. What’s special? This thing that makes this flavor unique is the inclusion of a new ingredient i.e. Cannabis. It would be the first Cannabis cocktail to hit the dispensaries in the state of California. This delicious drink, which would come in 7 exciting flavors, is prepared by mixing hundred milligrams of finest Cannabis oil (per bottle) into today’s most unique martini.

The California Cannabis Club has painstakingly tested hundreds of recipes to nail that perfect combination. The product is packed in a single serve patented design bottle with a tamper-evident seal for maximum protection. It’s certain that this drink will appeal greatly to martini drinkers around the world. From a health perspective, it’s worth noting that this martini does not contain any alcohol. So, it can be consumed by patients as well. Cannabis is a flowering plant known for its medicinal uses since the ancient days. These plants are predominantly found in the Indian subcontinent and in Central Asia. Apart from its medicinal uses, Cannabis has been used for hemp fiber, hemp oils and also as a recreation drug.

There is no doubt that “Modern Martini” RX is going to revolutionize the booming Cannabis market because of it’s convenient, high quality, environment friendly, and the yummiest martini ever produced in the Cannabis industry. The best thing of all is the fact that “Modern Martini RX” is complete and ready to drink – all that’s necessary is to “Chill” and serve it’s gleaming contents over the rocks or into a chilled martini glass for an instant treat. All varieties of “Modern Martini RX” are available in four, twelve or 24 case packs. Given the fact that “Modern Martini RX” has a unique flavor combined with its medicinal advantage, this product is sure to delight and surpass everyone’s expectations.

Media Contact
Company Name: Modern Martini Rx
Contact Person: Brooke Wiseman, CEO
Country: United States