Author Maranda Evans releases her new book based on her own life story

After tragically losing her loved ones to death, Maranda Evans struggled to find the purpose of her life. She was shattered and broken inside but far from giving up. With her never say die attitude and strength, she picked herself up and went on to become an accomplished self-published author.

She wrote a memoir entitled ‘Troubled’ about her struggle in life and how she managed to make her way out of it, which was released in April 2014. The book gained quite popularity among readers and proved as an inspiration to many. Throughout its chapters, Troubled reveals her struggles through life and how her decisions impacted her life both positvely and negatively.

As a teenager, Maranda was heartbroken, she was filled with hurt and pain causing her to make bad decisions in her life. Over the years, through her perservance and courage she became stronger and undeafeatable. The more life threw at her the tougher she became.

The book discloses problems  the troubled teen faced after she lost her father in 2004. She faced sexual abuse, love, depression, and betrayal but ultimately decided to overcome her past and start a women empowerment movement called The Troubled Movement.

As  a child Maranda wrote her feelings in her journal which helped her to lessen the pain she was going through. When she turned 22, she realized that there are a lot of women who suffer from similar situations she has faced and this proved as an inspiration for her to write this memoir and go on to become an empowered author.

Though it was quite difficult for her to write this book as she had to re-live all those moments and even share her intimate and sexual details in it, she completed this book with downright honesty and truth.

In one of her interviews she also mentioned that the reason she didn’t change her name is  because she wanted people to be able to relate to her story and learn from the lessons she has endured in her life.

The aim of writing this book was to help someone out of a depressive sitiaution and lead them to a better life. “One thing I want every reader to take away from my book is, “Never let your past determine what your future will hold,” she says.

The book available for purchase on her website as well as Amazon will especially be beneficial to the young women who have started to discover the true realities of life.

About Author

Maranda Evans, born and raised in Houston, Texas, is now a young African-American writer, motivational speaker and Founder of The Troubled Movement. She received her Bachelors of Business Administration in Accounting in three and a half years from Sam Houston State University in 2013. She is now a graduate student at Texas Southern University, working towards her MBA in accounting and expects to graduate in 2016. Instead of letting adversity ruin her life, she decided to use her story as testimony to other women.


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