Family starts a fund raiser for her 13 year old boy suffering from horrific disease

A 13 year old boy named Gabriel is suffering from a terrible disease called Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis since the age of three. Surely the treatment of this kind of disease requires a lot of money and that is why his family has started a crowd funding campaign on Gofundme since they can not afford much beyond the costs of treatment.

The little boy is not able to attend regular school anymore and now attends Florida Virtual School in Full time. His regular appointments with the doctors and treatment procedures have made it extremely difficult for him to go to a regular school.

At the tender age of three he was diagnosed with JRA and at the age of 11 he developed growth hormone deficiency due to systemic problems with the JRA that affected his pituitary gland.

Gabriel lives in a family of six so even though they’re trying to work out a plan with a charity, they just cannot provide enough. Gabriel has to go through the pain of getting 10 injections a week including Enbrel, HgH, and Methatrexate (chemo drug that keeps the JRA in control), plus mobic (anti infalmmatories), vitamin D (for a vitamin D deficiency), allergy pills, omneprezole (prilosec, since all the meds are hard on his stomach), and leucovorin (folic acid) but for a 11 year old he’s really a strong person.

His family wants to do something for Gabriel by fulfilling the wishes he has in his mind. He has kept a few wishes in his bucket list such as going on a cruise on the Carnival Vista where he wishes to see Atlantis and swim in the ocean with dolphins. He also wishes to go to BlizzCOn and hang out with Sean Day9 Plott while he’s there.

Just like all the other kids of his age, he also hopes for a trip to Disneyland, California and the San Diego Zoo. The charity can only provide the travel expenditure for four members but the family is hoping to take all the kids and other members together for the trip.

The fund raising campaign is the only hope for the family to fulfill Gabriel’s wish and bring a smile to his face. The goal of the campaign is to raise $10k out of which $300 has been raised. The families has urged people to contribute in making this happen and for those who can’t contribute at the moment are requested to share the campaign on social media and through word of mouth.

At such a tender age, it’s really difficult for any child and their family to face such kind of situation and in these circumstances the little smiles and happiness matter the most and that’s what this family hopes to do for Gabriel, to keep him happy by fulfilling his wishes.


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