Who Will Champion the Ethics in Income Act?

13 Oct, 2015 – It is an election year, no way to avoid hearing about it. Most of the candidates and the media talk about income inequality, but talk is pretty much all they do. Few, if any, have put forward any meaningful plan to deal with it. There have been many “Tax the Rich” platitudes but no real ink on paper.

There is a fairly simple solution though, Don’t let them get the money in the first place. You can find it on the government petition Web site:

Which candidate will be the first to adopt the Ethics in Income Act as a plank in their primary platform? Will it be The Donald who cannot make his tax plan work or force American companies to back-shore jobs without it? Will it be Mr. Sanders because it fits in with his socialist views? Will it be one of the single polling digit candidates looking to leap to the top?

One thing is shaping up to be pretty certain with this election. If you don’t have a viable plan to dramatically reduce income inequality your first year in office, you aren’t on most voter’s radar.

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