3D Mammography: Wake Radiology making life-saving technology more convenient, accessible to Triangle women

Groundbreaking cancer screening technology, now available at four Wake Radiology locations, is helping doctors detect breast cancer earlier and more accurately than ever before

13 Oct, 2015 – Wake Radiology, the Triangle’s leading provider of outpatient medical imaging, is making 3D mammography more convenient and accessible to women across the region. This groundbreaking cancer screening and diagnostic technology – hailed as the most significant advancement in breast cancer screening in the past 20 years – has been expanded to four Triangle locations since it was first introduced by Wake Radiology in 2013.

This week, Wake Radiology began offering 3D mammography in Garner. It is also available at imaging centers in Raleigh (North Hills Breast Center), Cary and Chapel Hill.

“We have a proud history of bringing new technologies to our patients, and we will continue to invest in advanced imaging technologies that can help save lives,” said Lyndon Jordan III, president of Wake Radiology. “We’re proud to offer more 3D mammography locations than any other outpatient imaging provider in the Triangle. While many practices are focusing on cutting costs, we will continue to invest in equipment that holds so much promise for our patients in the fight against breast cancer.”

3D mammograms provide more accurate imaging, particularly of dense breast tissue and can be performed with the ease of a conventional mammogram. Instead of capturing a flat, two-dimensional image of the breast, a 3D mammogram produces 15 angled views to provide a more detailed view of breast tissue. This creates a 3D image that can be analyzed in a series of 1mm layers – like viewing the pages of a book.

The clarity provided by 3D mammography improves detection of breast cancer by 27-50%. It also means fewer follow-up appointments – and less anxiety for patients – by reducing the need to call back patients for additional screening by 17-40%.

Mary Leigh Hunter is one patient who credits Wake Radiology’s 3D mammogram with saving her life. She didn’t have a family history of breast cancer, but she knew the statistics: One in eight women in America is diagnosed with breast cancer and it kills nearly 40,000 women a year.

She insisted on a 3D mammogram and says it’s the best decision of her life. Her radiologist spotted a questionable shadow and later determined she had breast cancer. Her primary physician was astonished the cancer was detected, saying a traditional mammogram would have never caught it. The cancer would have likely continued to grow for another year and required a much more aggressive treatment.

To learn more about 3D mammography, visit WakeRad.com

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