Fix a friend launches its new version 1.2 with added features

The newly launched application ‘Fix-a-Friend’ have updated their current version to add more features like option to tag, send photo/video request, explorer to make the version 1.2 more advanced, attractive and powerful.

Fix-a-Friend is an interactive photo and video sharing app which was recently launched but gained quite popularity among the users. A few days back, the application also completed 100 download by the users.  Through this application, the photos and videos can be edited by the friends in a fun and exciting way.

The emergence of technology has given rise to social media which has proven as a great platform for sharing and connecting with friends and family members.  Due to the prominent place that social media has made in the lives of people, a significant rise in mobile and desktop applications have also taken place both for fun and utility purposes.

The Fix-a-friend app is also one of those interesting applications which helpfriends and family connect with other in a fun way. The application allows the user to capture their photos or videos and then leave it to their friends for editing. Once they edit the pictures, it can be posted to the users profile and tag themselves so that the user can get to know who has done the editing to their picture or video.

Through this app, friends will be able to make an uploaded picture or video either beautiful or completely hilarious. The app makes a great option for having fun around friends and playing pranks on them. The Fix-a-Friend’s ‘Random’ feature allows the user to send a photo or video to a random friend and whoever gets that will edit it from the wide templates and editing options available within theapplication and upload it to the profile.

After the editing has been done, the user will get to know through the tag that which friend has edited their photo and video. The application surely looks like a fun way to interact with friends and have a good time.There are also time limits set on the media ranging from 15 minutes to 24 hours to ensure that the media doesn’t stay idle in someone’s inbox without any action.

The top of the line editing tools are promised to be fun and easy to use. With features like Filters, adjustment, effect, rotate, draw, crop, resize, text, blur and focus, splash, tone curve, stickers, emoticons, and adding sound to video there are a vast number of possibilities to edit the media and have fun for a long time. The application also provides a chat option to communicate with the friends.

The application is currently available on iTunes for free download and all set to be released for Android as well.

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