New 8mm ultra narrow lipo battery released by Padre to work with wearable devices

“Example model PD250835 3.7V 40mAh, it’s a member of this series ultra narrow lipo battery developed by Padre.”
Nowadays lithium polymer battery has become the most popular rechargeable battery among all rechargeable batteries in digital market, standard normal size lithium polymer battery can meet demands of most popular electronics, such as mobile phone, digital cameras, tablets, laptops, But this situation changed since smart watch products were put to market by Google, more and more similar smart watch and health band devices were developed, hence ultra narrow batteries are in urgent need.

Recently, A new special type ultra narrow lipo battery released by China lithium battery supplier Padre Electronics attracted considerable attention from global digital market, especially wearable devices companies. After strict tests on various performances and trial production, this battery is going to supply with mass production.

With the fast development of personal digital electronics industry, demands for special size battery is increasing quickly, especially after Google launched its smart watch series, wearable devices such as smart watch, smart band, video glasses became very hot and popular topics. But engineers for this devices have the same challenge to face, how to make the device as small as possible while keeping enough work time?

In respond to this market voice, many lithium polymer battery manufacturers started to develop special shape lipo battery to meet these demands, after Samsung SDI developed bendable batteries, many more new designs followed this step. In several years, ultra thin battery, ultra curved battery, ultra small battery, triangle shape battery are developed and poured into digital power components market. Under this situation, Padre launched it’s ultra narrow series lithium polymer batteries.

On base of previous 10mm width, Padre had been trying to design even more narrow lipo batteries, after one year research and tests, they finally created 8mm width model PD250835 with capacity of over 40mAh. This is a breakthrough on special shape rechargeable battery industry, with 8mm width, engineers can have more options in developing narrow band shape wearable health or amusement related smart devices, they can even consider placing the battery into the long band position besides the main board space, it means great extra room left to add more functions on the main board display position.


However, there are still many things to do, such as the thickness added by PCM (protection circuit). For the moment, existing major PCM are not thin enough, once adding it into a thin battery, especially a lipo battery with thickness of less than 3mm, no matter how thin the battery is, the PCM will make the heading place at least 3.2mm, this means some ultra thin batteries may make no sense, because finally some part of the battery will still be too thick, new ultra thin PCM needs to be developed at low cost. Padre engineers will seek to work with some PCM manufacturers to find solutions on this next step.

“7mm is also in our schedule to be launched,” said Mr. Jiaz Liu, Padre CTO, “this year we got cooperation requests from companies like Philips, Honeywell and Intel, but some of requirements are still challenges for us. Although Lipo battery has higher energy density and more flexible shape than li-ion battery, but it’s advantage is not unlimited. However, we will try to move on to 5mm ultra narrow battery possibility.”

We can expect, some days later, more amazing smart wearable devices will come to our life with support of more and more cute, special but powerful battery products.

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Padre Electronics is China important manufacturer of li-ion battery, lithium polymer battery, cells and packs for different applications, besides standard lipo batteries, it also has good reputation on special batteries such as RC model battery packs, low temperature battery, fast charging battery, ultra narrow battery.

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