How lifestyles of an individual plays an important part in recovery

A healthy lifestyle running parallel to the recovery process plays a role of positive and effective support.
In order to maintain the decision to detoxify the body from harmful substance and chemicals, the old lifestyle too has to be modified.

To achieve more than just temporary sobriety, a recovering addict has to bring much more positivity into his life than there was before.

The concept of lifestyle in terms of the rehabilitation process includes behavior, interest, nutrition, values and opinions. To achieve a positive sober state, the changes in lifestyle must be holistic- addressing all aspects of life: emotional, mental, physical, spiritual and social.  

The process of recovery is challenging and daunting, followed by painful emotional and physical disturbances. A healthy lifestyle running parallel to the recovery process plays a role of positive and effective support.

The most recommended change in lifestyle includes:

1. Healthy diet:

Proper nutrition has a direct effect on the health of your mind and body. In the case of the rehabilitation process, it supports the restoration of damaged tissue caused by drug and alcoholic chemicals. A healthy lifestyle is also known to reduce stress from the body and mind. Eating food that is full of oxygen and minerals reduces the risk of seizures, nausea and other psychological withdrawal symptoms associated with recovery.

2. Exercise:

Integration of exercise in life is one of the most effective solutions for boosting the entire process of recovery. As exercise regulates the circulation of blood, bringing more oxygen throughout the body, the immune system is able to work more effectively. Participating in fitness activities will increase the desire for a healthy and more sober lifestyle.

3. Learning to relax:

As addiction is the result of a chaotic and stressful mind, breathing and relaxation therapies can offer great remedies. The aim of these is to bring joy and peace to the mind, to overcome the sense of one’s inabilities and release any disturbing thoughts. While addiction brings toxins into the body, mind and spirit, proper breathing and relaxation therapies help remove toxins.

Meditation, yoga, breathing exercises, reading, hot baths and aromatherapies are the most recommended practices for the relaxation of mind, body and spirit.

4. New hobbies/New objectives:

To bring a positive change in life, it is important to replace all the negativity in life with positivity. Adopting new hobbies and having new goals and objectives serve as fuel for the recovery of patients. Latching on to new and healthy hobbies can alter and enhance the life focus of a person.

Art, reading, walking, socializing, social work, sports, fishing, writing are a few examples of healthy activities that bring more joy into life. 

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