Prom Dresses 2016 Trends: Two Piece

“This dress features from Dressesofgirl 2016 prom collection.”
Dressesofgirl is so very excited to unveil the prom dresses 2016 collection. Below is a sneak peek of the editor’s picks from Dressesofgirl for this prom season.

From the first day back to school, the junior and senior girls start talking about the prom, decide the partner to go to the prom, and choose the dresses to wear. Dress shopping is the most exciting during prom season, seeing the hottest new 2016 prom dress trends and scooping up the perfect look. And shopping for a dress is can be fun as every girl is a little different when it comes to style, some do long dresses, and some do short dresses. Dressesofgirl is so very excited to unveil the prom dresses 2016 collection. Below is a sneak peek of the editor’s picks from Dressesofgirl for this prom season.

One of the newest and hottest trends we are seeing from Dressesofgirl are two piece prom dresses. Fully beaded and embellished tops, accompanied by flowing tulle or fitted jersey skirts. High necklines are common when looking at two piece dresses, as well as the covered illusion beaded backs.

While this look can be more on the sultry side, the high necklines can make them look very sweet and sophisticated. We are also seeing a lot of satin ball gown two pieces for this year too. The satin gives more of a traditional feel, while still being trendy with the detached top. The skirts tend to be a higher waist, leaving minimal midriff showing beneath the crop top.

Short prom dresses with puffy short tulle skirts adorned with heavily beaded tops are preferred by teen girls. These styles normally come at a higher price point, but make for a very fun party dress! Dressesofgirl has so many different styles to choose from and are always trendy for our girls! Besides the new trend prom dresses, Dressesofgirl offers dresses left from previous proms and last style Quinceanera Dresses 2016 at discounted prices.

Dressesofgirl helps the girls to pick a perfect dress for your unforgettable night! The teens who are after two pieces prom dresses can follow its Facebook and Instagram accounts for updates on their arrival!



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