Normal Schools and the Education System may be Incapable of Handling Troubled Teenagers

As different teens are troubled in varied manners, this necessitates a focus on each individual’s specific needs and challenges.
A troubled teen is usually very aggressive, violent, easily angered and hard to control.

It is beyond reasonable doubt that normal schools are unable and unwilling to handle troubled teens. Troubled teens require special attention. Since standardized public schools are typically unable to provide this individualized attention, dealing with a troubled teen often becomes a hurdle for the parents and the school system. A troubled teen may be recognized by some of the following traits: exhibiting a constant sense of unease, high agitation or hot-temper, showing signs of regular drug abuse, poor hygiene and interrupted attendance at school. It will be quite hard for the public school that lacks access to specialized facilities and staff to handle this troubled teen. The main concern of any public school is the academic well-being and growth of its students. Moral uprightness is not the core goal or attention of your typical public school. However, less emphasis on student morals increases the rate of troubled teens in a learning institution.

Handling a troubled teen requires personalized attention. As different teens are troubled in varied manners, this necessitates a focus on each individual’s specific needs and challenges. The parent should continue to monitor their teen’s walk on a path to success, avoiding any misfortunes that may be connected to behavioral or emotional issues. The educational system is designed in a manner that does not focus much on the troubled teen. Its main focus is on their students’ educational performance. This educational premise creates a gap in the success of many students. A normal school setting is designed to produce a well-educated person, while delegating any moral issues to the parents.

Parents may choose to enroll their teen in a private school that is equipped to uphold both the moral and academic excellence of its students. While our schools should be able to provide the special attention necessary for troubled children in an capacity equal to non-troubled children; normal public schools and educational systems are incapable of addressing the complicated issues that come with troubled teens. There is a high cost associated with the credentialed and experienced staff necessary to deal with an excessive number of behavioral issues associated with troubled teens. In these times of budget constraints, many public schools have eliminated the specialized skill set and artistic programs that may otherwise have therapeutically addressed the needs of many teens. The public school is challenged with how to address their school’s disruptive and morally challenged youth within their restricted budget and educational constraints.

It is up to the parents to decide which school or educational system their teens will need to achieve educational, personal and emotional success. A troubled teen may require specialized facilities in order to realize changed behavior and a pathway that leads to greater self-esteem and realized goals. The standardized public schools and educational system could be improved to incorporate the needs of both the troubled and non-troubled teens.  However, the challenged budget needs of our public school systems make this endeavor questionable, at best.

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