Everyone’s Assistant launches to provide On-Demand Personal Assistants by text message

14 Oct, 2015 – Based in California and serving Los Angeles and the surrounding areas, Everyone’s Assistant is bringing the personal assistant service beyond CEOs and Hollywood celebrities to a luxury that is affordable and accessible to everyone. Everyone’s Assistant is a brand new company that provides on-demand personal assistants that are booked in seconds via text message for a range of personal, work related or even virtual assistance needs.

With most people trying to balance a demanding work schedule and everyday living, many tasks get put on the back burner, some never accomplished at all. Everyone’s Assistant can fill in those gaps, tackle the tasks that never seem to be completed, and even accomplish those dreaded chores no one likes doing. It’s a service that’s affordable and easily accessible to everyone. The service is billed $25 per hour and clients only pay for the time they need, even if it’s only an hour of time. All personal assistants have a company debit card to pay for any errands without hassle, and then customers provide an easy and secure online payment once the service is complete with zero mark up.

“The simplicity of booking a professional personal assistant for as much or as little time as you need with a quick text message is what has won over so many of our clients. You litterally have an assistant in your pocket 24/7,” says Christopher Gonzalez, president of Everyone’s Assistant.

There is no task too big or too small. Everyone’s Assistant personal assistants provide a range of services for professional and personal needs. Individuals have used personal assistants for errands, household chores, administration help, concierge support, virtual assistance and other specialized services.

“People are so rushed trying to get so much accomplished in a 24 hour day but using a personal assistant and outsourcing some of the more mundane less desirable tasks to an assistant will free up time to do more of what you want to do instead of what you have to do,” adds Gonzalez.

“We thrive on building strong lasting relationships with our clients with fast online customer service response time and a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee.”

All personal assistants are professional, poised and take pride in their appearance. To work for Everyone’s Assistant, assistants go through a thorough background check and are vigorously screened and insured. Some have previous experience providing personal assistant services to executives, CEOs and celebrities. The company also offers personal assistants who have specific industry experience and special skills from advanced computers to child care. Everyone’s Assistant makes booking a personal assistant easy. Clients complete a one minute no obligation registration online at www.EveryonesAssistant.com. Once registered they have a designated number to text their home, office, errand or virtual assistance needs. For those who prefer email or phone they also have those options available.

Contact www.EveryonesAssistant.com to schedule same day or future service.


Everyone’s Assistant is a California based service company providing on-demand personal assistant services in Los Angeles and surrounding areas. Everyone’s Assistant is bringing the personal assistant service beyond CEOs and Hollywood celebrities to a luxury that is affordable and accessible to everyone. Everyone’s Assistant personal assistants can provide a range of services for professionals and personal needs. Services are billed at $25 an hour & booked by text message in seconds. Personal assistants go through a thorough background check and are vigorously screened and insured. Personal assistants can be booked the same day or for future service through a quick text message or phone & email.

For more information, visit www.EveryonesAssistant.com

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