SysTools Upgraded Online Cloud Storage Service via EndPoint Vault

“Backup your data securely with ease.”
SysTools lately announced the upgrade to its flagship cloud backup service, EndPoint Vault with the updation of a variety of new facilities that contribute to enhancing local data backup process on cloud environment.

October 14, 2015 – Salt Lake City, Utah, USA – SysTools recently announced the service upgrade of EndPoint Vault, its flagship Cloud backup solution. The present upgrade of the service features advanced facilities for the upload of local data on cloud platform for business continuity during data related disaster and similar purposes. The upgrade further added a redundant degree of caliber to the service for a satisfactory result.

According to SysTools spokesperson Anuraag Singh: “The amount of time we have spent in the online market since the establishment of SysTools has made the team adept in understanding and rendering the current market need. Cloud computing is a large platform that is adopted by most web users. Data availability is greatly featured by Cloud. EndPoint Vault is a provision with similar motive that makes business continuity possible for enterprises. This cloud backup service has been part of our project contributing to Cloud Computing technology owing to its perquisites over local data storage. Post receiving outstanding user response, the Technical and Web Team collaborated for further research and development on facilities required advancing the service. The service now performs more than ever and highly proactive in comparison to its last update. With support for all data types, we focused on strengthening the service with flexibility.”

The upgraded facilities made available through EndPoint Vault update include:

• All Windows and Mac EndPoints backed up directly to Cloud
• Share uploaded data with users having protected / restricted IPs & URLs
• All document type file backup supported and performed limitlessly
• Control bandwidth consumption used for Cloud backup procedure
• Monitoring capabilities rendered to Admin to manage and control the backup
• Source / Target data transfer & storage done with encryption of AES 256 bit
• Data duplication avoided at all levels of backup during transfer & storage
• Time and duration of backup scheduling feasible from Admin level
• Global and individual user level backup settings applicable with service
• Email alert applicable for reporting progress, interruption or status of backup

The entirely reprogrammed application now includes the listed above features and more to enhance user experience in pulling up data from local storage to Cloud platform. The administrative control over backup will ensure tracking the progress along with both success and failure of data transfer immediately.


The developers of EndPoint Vault cloud backup service have been involved in the innovation of high-end technology driven solutions that contribute to the progress of the entire software developing industry.

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