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The research and development in the field of product innovation and technology is driving the growth of the global water bath market. The increasing number of research and testing facilities worldwide is also influencing the growth of the global water bath market. Water baths are an ideal alternative source for heating combustible chemicals to avoid ignition on open flames.

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Water bath is a device that maintains water at a constant temperature. It is used in the microbiological laboratory for incubations. All water baths have an analogue or digital interface for allowing operators to set a preferred temperature. The various uses of water bath include warming of reagents, incubation of cell cultures, and melting of substrates. Water bath is also used to enable the occurrence of chemical reactions at high temperature.  

On the basis of types, the global water bath market can be segmented into circulating water bath, non-circulating water bath, and shaking water bath. On the basis of end-users, the global water bath market can be divided into food processing, microbiology, chemical, and protein engineering. In 2014, the chemical industry accounted for the largest user of water baths with 29% share of the global water bath market.  Corrosion testing, cooling or heating lab equipment (electrophoresis units, refractometers, and others), hybridization, bacterial culturing, solubility testing, and crude oil analysis are the major applications of water bath in the chemical industry.

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The circulating water baths (also known as stirrers) are ideal for use, when temperature consistency and uniformity are critical, such as in serologic and enzymatic experiments. The uniformity in temperature is attained, when water is systematically circulated throughout the bath. This type of water bath is less accurate in controlling temperature, and used to attain temperatures, which are not reachable by regular water baths, such as in marine biology. To create uniform heat transfer, non-circulating water baths are provided with add-ons that help in stirring. Non-circulating water baths are used, when highly specific temperature is not needed. A shaking water bath has an additional control for shaking, which helps to move the liquids around. The shaking feature in shaking water baths can be switched off or on. Constant shaking in microbiological practices facilitates liquid-grown cell cultures to continuously mix with the air. Cultures developed in liquid are shaken to allow regular mixing with oxygen or air within the culture. The speed of shaking can also be set, according to the requirement.

The increasing adoption of bead baths is anticipated to obstruct the growth of the global water bath market in the near future. The dry thermos metallic beads in bead bath replace water to provide improved efficiency, and obstruct microbial growth. The fact that water baths cannot be used with pyrophobic or moisture sensitive reactions is another factor, which is restraining the growth of the global water bath market. Since, salts should be prevented from depositing on the heater; a water bath should be filled with distilled water only. The addition of disinfectors to prevent the growth of microorganisms, and raising the temperature of water above 90 degree Celsius for decontamination of the water bath are the major precautions, which should be kept in mind for the ideal use of water bath treatment.

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Some of the competitors in the global water bath market include Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc, Grant Instruments, PolyScience, JULABO GmbH, Thomas Scientific, BEL-ART PRODUCTS, Boekel Scientific, Edvotek Inc., LAUDA-Brinkmann, LP, and Sheldon Manufacturing Inc.

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