Prom Dresses UK 2016 Collection by Landybridal May Surprise You

Landybridal’s new collection prom dresses UK 2016 is ready to meet with all the beautiful ladies. Landybridal adds the trendiest elements to make the new dresses in charming looks. New year, new dress!

The year 2105 is coming to the end and the new year 2016 is coming. Some leading companies including Landybrial have prepared the best presents to welcome the amazing 2016. Landybridal, as a professional and trustworthy dress shop, have spent a lot of time and efforts on the newest collections, including prom dresses UK 2016 and wedding dresses 2016.

In fact, at the very beginning of the year 2015 Landybridal has selected several fashion designers from the best and the most experienced design team and these designers have gone to France and Italy to study further and exchange with first class designers there. Combined with exotic and traditional British factors, this new collection comes out.

There are several elements that shine this new collection:

See-through Lace

Lace has been a great partner to all special occasion dresses including prom dresses and wedding dresses since it came into being. In the 2015 collection, lace, more precisely floral lace applique, plays an important role. For the 2016 collection, Landybridal still use lace as an icon. However, it is changed to see-through lace. Plain dresses made in precious fabrication unite the royalty and sexiness in favour of Bikini underthings.

Sexy Red and Black

Red and black are the predominant colors. Red draws and holds people’s attention simply while black associated with mystery tempts others. Red and black also gives the wearer a slimmer figure visually. This new collection seems to say girl’s thoughts of being sexy out. Girls do not have to be cute in pink. They can be sexy and attractive at proms.

Bling Backs

Landybridal always takes every side of your beauty into consideration, without any leaks. Open back may be the first choice for the ladies if they want to show their flawless backs. To meet the need better, shining embellishments are added to the back.

Applique Beads/rhinestones

Applique lace is commonly used in prom dresses. There are many dresses with that embellishments especially the Prom dresses UK collection. This time Landybridal makes a new trail, combining applique and beading or rhinestones together. Decorated with shining beads or rhinestones, the exquisite applique looks even more attractive.

Show it

Two piece style prom dresses still kept in this collection. Such style may appeal to ladies with slender waists. Long dresses with front slits or side splits, showing legs vaguely, are more popular than among tall and slim ladies. Beside these styles, ladies can also choose the deep V neckline to show their sexy collar bones or breasts. Landybridal’s dresses are always a great helper to rediscover chic’s feminine sides.

Landybridal always put customers and their needs in the first place so most customers are pretty satisfied with their products. Sometimes people will get more than what they want or expect. As usual, people speak highly of Landybridal’s dresses when this new prom dresses collection comes out. Go and check by yourself if you have doubts.


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