The creator of Expendables 3 drone launches first commercially available drone, B-Unstoppable

B-Unstoppable is the world’s first  commercially available hybrid-Tank quadcopter which is designed and developed by the creator of drone in the movie Expendables 3.

The unique patented design of B-Unstoppable results in amazing performance and makes the drone able to drive across difficult terrains. The fact that the drone can start immediately makes it efficient in limited space, also providing a 360 degree view from the on board camera.

Even while driving on the ground, the drone has the capacity to tackle any big obstacle by flying over them. The newly launched model weighs only 84 gm which assures that it can be operated without damaging the other models or itself. The small size and light weight design also contributes to the low cost of the drone without affecting any features or its efficiency.

B-Unstoppable uses 900 mAh Li-po battery that gives it 9 minutes of flying time, 12 to 20 minutes of driving time and a total of 13-15 minutes flying and driving.  The unique drone also consists of a 2.4 GHz radio transmitter along with front and back lights for efficient night flying.

B-Unstoppable is promised to be easy to control and it can be converted into a quadcopter from a tank by just flipping a mode button. The quadcopter mode can be controlled like any other drone and on the ground, each track is controlled by separate channel giving the true experience of driving a tank.

The intelligent design of the body and streamlined arms of B-Unstoppable helps in reducing drag and increase its efficiency. Manufacturing and production of this world’s first ‘tankcopter’ surely requires some huge money and to cover up the same the team has started a crowd funding campaign on Indiegogo with a goal of $77,000 which has already received a huge response with backers contributing more than $12,817 within 16 days of the beginning of the campaign.

A variety of perks and rewards are also being offerd to the backers including a chance to own the unique drone through a contribution of $89 or more.

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Media Contact
Company Name: B Go Beyond
Contact Person: Witold Mielniczek
Phone: (+48) 798971371
Country: United Kingdom