What Harm Could Teenagers Cause Future Endeavors If There is No Sense of Responsibility?

These 8 irresponsible behaviors could jeopardize a teen’s future.
Responsibility refers to taking accountability for one’s actions and behaviors.

It involves owning up to one’s mistakes and wrongdoing. A responsible person is ready to accept and face challenges. A sense of responsibility is an important virtue for a teenager to have.

Irresponsible behavior could jeopardize a teen’s future in the following ways:

Low self-esteem

Without a sense of responsibility, teenagers may grow into adults with low self-esteem. They may always have a poor perception of themselves. Low self-esteem could be followed in their adult world by a sense that they are inferior to their peers.

Lack of accountability

Lack of or a diminished sense of responsibility may lead to teenagers to developing into individuals who can’t account for or take responsibility for their actions.

They may always make excuses for their mistakes, in their own minds and to others, and consistently blame their failures on other people.

Lack of creativity and innovation

Teenagers who can’t think of or actuate an idea themselves are at a risk of becoming dormant adults. They lack the ability to provide solutions to problematic situations. They are used to relying on others to solve all of their problems for them.

Lack of initiative 

Teenagers with no sense of responsibility have no self-drive and lack self-motivation in all facets of their life. They tend to lack goals to achieve and shy away from any obligations they must meet.

If unchanged, they could translate into adults who have little or no value for life. More so, they avoid any real roles of responsibility.

Poor role models

Teens without a sense of responsibility grow up to become poor role models in society. They provide little or nothing to emulate by their peers, siblings and society, as a whole.

Most of these teenagers develop into individuals with poor work ethics, and see those around them as poor managers and poor parents. They are consistent under-achievers in life.

Poor decision making

Having not taken any responsibility as a teen, an individual would not have had earned an opportunity to make choices and mistakes.  Nor would they gain the necessary learning that comes with overcoming the challenges and mistakes that people generally make.

Additionally, they become lazy and avoid making any hard or demanding decisions in life. This makes them develop into naïve adults who are unwilling and unable to make strong, firm and correct decisions for themselves. Whenever they are faced with a decision to make; they will choose the wrong, inappropriate and often costly option.

Lack of independence

Lacking accountability forces other people to make and implement choices for an individual teenager. If this is not rectified, a teenager can develop into an individual who spends the rest of their lives relying on other people to provide for them.

They turn into adults who can’t think for themselves or provide for themselves. They risk becoming a burden to their parents or spouses, well into the future.


A responsible behavior is always accompanied by discipline.  So irresponsibility may be accompanied by indiscipline.

Teenagers with no sense of responsibility risk becoming adults with no value for morality and discipline. They often risk becoming outcasts in the society.

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