When Talk Therapy Does Not Work, Art is The Solution

Art therapy is a solution that is available when talk therapy fails to resolve all issues.

Sharing a problem through talking is one of the most recognized ways of getting a solution. However, talking cannot solve all types of problems. In the context of a troubled teen, some of the challenges a teen faces can be solved through talking, while others cannot. A teen’s feelings of isolation may be solved by better communications between the teen and their parents. The only thing that parents need to remember in such a scenario is to consistently reflect to their teen an attitude of affection, acceptance and non-judgment.

While behavioral changes may be dealt with through more open communication between parent and their teens, it should not be seen as a guaranteed solution for behavioral change. Challenges incurred by the teen in their ever-changing lives may cause an inward sense of failure.  If, indeed, the teen seems to be failing in their educational, behavioral and emotional pursuits, then an action should be taken by the parent beyond talk. Talk therapy with a trained facilitator is recognized as a most effective therapy that can be offered to help a teen to deal with many challenges affecting their lives. Family therapy offers another efficient co-partner in talk therapy, since it focuses on the core issues that may seem to destabilize the teen’s relationships in the family household. Family therapy treats the adolescent with dignity and respect and creates a scenario where the teen feels safe to share.

Art therapy is a solution that is available when talk therapy fails to resolve all issues. While participating in a therapeutic art program, teens are allowed to express their feelings through creative arts. Each teen can be asked to draw some of his or her most magnificent objects, in a way that helps them to deal with negative expressions and feelings. While the sessions are monitored by trained professionals, it is the duty of the parent to provide artistic materials to support the experience.  Parents can also expose their teen to a variety of other art therapy options, including participation in drama, dance, movement exercises, martial arts, music and more. Troubled teens can find a release from their challenges in a variety of ways.

Drawing, to some teens, serves as the best way of expressing their anger, embarrassment, stress and depression. This also allows parents to better understand their teens, so that they can be in a position to solve the teen’s problems amicably and without misjudgment. Therapeutic artistic programs can serve best the most troubled teens with their artistic expressions. Art solutions not only change the behavior of the teenagers, but also help enhance and improve their creativity and innovative thinking. It also avails the teen to a medium for expressing a feeling that cannot be expressed verbally. Therefore art solutions provide a versatile avenue for improving and healing a teen’s perspective of life, when talking fails.


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