The Armory of Horror Returns in 2015

This year the horror gets bigger and better!

SOMERVILLE, MA – 14 Oct, 2015  Last year Somerville got scary in October when longtime resident Matthew Martino opened the doors to the Armory of Horror.  A twisted maze full of spooky scares and hideous ghouls was built into the main hall of the Arts at the Armory in Somerville.  Hundreds of patrons walked it’s haunted halls and encountered zombies, vampires and evil clowns!

The event went over so well, that it has now returned for 2015.  Many of the technicians, actors and designers have already signed on to return.  Expect everything that last year delivered and then some.  The staff of the Armory as well as the artisans who make the event come to life are dedicated to bringing a bigger and better show the second time around.

One unique feature of the Armory of Horror that doesn’t exist at any Halloween Attraction anywhere is the ability to watch the scares from afar.  Once you have ventured through the maze you are welcomed up to the balcony where you can watch the next group of patrons walk through as ghouls leap out at them and screams ensue.  It almost like watching a live action horror movie.  You really want to tell the people below to watch out, but you also don’t want to ruin the fun.

In the true spirit of Halloween, we have something for everyone.  Last year over one hundred families came to our family day that featured Arts and Crafts as well as safe Trick or Treating for the little ones.  Lot’s of children and parents came to have a fun time as they walked our maze in the daytime and got to meet friendly monsters on a treasure hunt for candy.  Being so popular, we had no choice but to bring it back so even the little monsters can celebrate Halloween.

One major addition this year helps make this a bigger and bolder horror show then last year.  The Armory plans on expanding the Halloween event to include a horror movie festival.  This year starts the Homebrewed Horror Movie Festival to showcase horror movies made right here in New England by local indie movie makers!  Many of the actors, directors and movie makers will be in attendance for the audience to meet and greet.  Best of all, every movie showing will be a double feature!  The audience will get two movies for the price of one!  If you really like movies this is for you.  The Armory will have food, snacks and beverages on sale.  So you can have a sandwich and knock back a beer while you settle in for the scares!

But wait.  There’s more!  Also included in this years events will be a Dark Arts day!  This will be a day for music, artworks and even video games.  Local artists will be displaying paintings and performing music while old school video games are set up for folks to play.   It will be dark arts and a dark arcade!

Producer Matthew Martino leads a horror empire that launches this October.  In the past he has worked for Spooky World, The Castle of the Damned and Horrorville.  He is the writer and director of two feature length horror movies – The Drachen Recruitment Experiment and Chainsaw Maidens from Hell.  Both were shot primarily in his hometown of Somerville.  For him, horror is art.  “We experience fear as entertainment to free ourselves from it in our lives,” Martino says.  “Movies, video games and entertainment have all gotten more violent, more horrific, yet crime is down across the board.  If anything horror themed entertainment let’s us explore human natures dark side in a safe way where no one is harmed.  It’s good for society when it’s all for fun.” 

Armory of Horror Schedule:

The Maze of Horror
October 23rd, 24th, 29th, 30th and 31st 7pm to 10pm

The Homebrewed Horror Fest
October 5th noon to 9pm and the 28th 7pm to 10pm

Dark Arts Day
October 27th 7pm to 10pm

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