Trees is Dancing Project Blurs the Lines Between Architecture and Natural Ecosystems

In modern architecture, there has almost always been a clear distinction between interior and exterior environments, but a new European architectural team headed by celebrated architect Konstantin Zabetas intends to merge these two into a more synergistic and ecologically friendly amalgam.  His new project designated Trees is Dancing involves the creation of a school which will house more than 500 students and teachers.  This new building will integrate interior and exterior environments without sacrificing climate control.

Trees is Dancing is an apt title for this new architectural wonder because it seeks to utilize natural forms found in forests adapted to a modern building structure.  There will be gaps in the structure that allow natural circulation of air, but will prevent significant loss of heat and exposure to the elements by including a perm envelope.  These openings to the outside will be limited to the corridors, while sound greenhouse principles will be used to heat the building and eliminate any excess moisture accumulation.

The Trees is Dancing building will also include natural lighting systems, rainwater storage, photovoltaic solar panels, solar chimneys and wind towers.  This cutting edge structure will incorporate sound architectural concepts with cutting edge technology that will make the entire building more environmentally friendly.

In order to make Trees is Dancing a reality, the management team has partnered with Indiegogo to sponsor a fundraising campaign. If the goal of £300,000 is reached, the team will be able to move forward with the project, but they require the support of financial contributors like you.  Financial contributions will be rewarded with posters, magazines, project materials, and signed photobooks.  To learn more about Trees is Dancing or to make a financial pledge, please visit

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