Laser Marking Machine apply to cosmetics and outer package

With the improvement of living standards and updating consumer attitudes, people are now increasingly focused on skin care.CYCJET Laser Marking Machine more and more used for cosmetics and skin care products package for traceability and quality control.

With the improvement of people’s living standards and consumption idea update, now more and more people pay attention to the  maintenance of the skin. For dry cold winter, people will be greater input money for cosmetics to protect their skin, skin care products have become the mainstream of domestic cosmetics consumption. View of cosmetic industry current situation,  from international cosmetic famous brands to small domestic (Made In China) new brand product, anti-counterfeit and string of goods is the  primary consideration. So how to effectively do  anti-counterfeiting and string goods behavior? Shanghai Yuchang laser printing solutions are widely used in all kinds of cosmetic products production line, including bottle packaging, glass product packaging, carton packaging, etc. From primary packaging and outer packaging to the packing in batches. According to customer  requirements, CYCJET of laser marking machine can mark production date, validity, batch number, bar code, the qr code etc. Meet the  demand of the traceability in mark, have the effect of anti-counterfeiting and anti string of goods.

I. How to know production date in cosmetics product?

1. Cosmetic label on the bottle: Logo on the cosmetic bottle, a bunch of string composed of a number of English letters and Numbers.

2. Batch number of skin care products

Europe and the United States country’s cosmetics is marked with the correct production batch number, disorderly, Japan’s     production batch number is more disorderly, just only one production batch number for each batch,  General cosmetics products shelf life for three years, color makeup for five years.

II. Production date on the outer packing with nail polish remover can erase?

Buy a bottle of nail polish remover, plastic and carton variety of packaging cosmetics in the supermarket, use them do a experiment.

After Dip in nail polish remover with cotton swabs, gently daub the production date at the top of a certain product box, less than a  second, be blotted out of the handwriting suddenly disappeared, after  wipe off armor water residue with a tissue wash, almost  without leaving any trace on the package. And apply to other types of product packaging in the same way, most of the date of  production can be easily erased. Plastic and rigid plastic bag effect is particularly obvious, effect of cartons with film is a bit  poor, without film of the cartons can obviously leave traces.

The experiment result: use ink mark the production date can be easily erased. Alter away so much production date, under the wash armor water dipping the several times for this bottle of nail polish remover almost unscathed, and nail polish remover which is low prices in a kind of alter production date “magic potion”, it can show alter cost is low.

III. Fly Laser Marking Machine can solve the problem well

1. Efficiency: laser printing machine adopts imported radio frequency laser (metal) and imported high-speed galvanometer scanning system, special accessories on-line marking flight control software, can satisfy the production assembly line products of flight (dynamic) continuous on-line marking, form the permanent information of text, Numbers, symbols, graphics and anti-counterfeiting automatic coding and serial number, etc. Laser marking machine can well instead of ink printing machine in identification efficiency.

2. Environmental protection: the process of laser marking automation, non-contact, no pollution, low operating costs (no consumables), perfect to realize the static and dynamic online marking, adapt to different production line, the failure rate is low (no need daily maintenance, reduce the unscheduled shutdown caused by equipment failure. simple, safe and easy operation for users.

3. Permanent: laser marking machine’s unique mark effect, cannot erase anti-fake function, can effectively prevent happen the transregional fake products and inferior products and production date be erased, for products have very good security.


IV. laser engraving machine application characteristics:

1. Adopt imported sealed metal RF laser generator, stable performance and long service life.

2. Equipment with high precision double dimension scanning system, fast speed, high precision and performance is remarkable.

3. Working efficiency higher, production line speed more fast.

4. Environmental protection high-technology products, in line with EU standards.

5. Dan pose water password coated wire, marking line 3, line speed of 18 m/min, can mark standard 10000 bottles/hour.

. Laser marking machine bring about benefit:

1. Lower cost: CYCJET Inline laser marking machine purchase price maybe higher, but equipment running cost is extremely low, no any consumables, equipment maintenance free and long operation time.

2. Higher printing effiency: Yu Chang laser marking machine does not stop, online type high speed marking, high production efficiency, without worry about problems that like ink printing machine nozzle clogging lead to unplanned shutdown, causing unnecessary economic losses.

3. Identify permanent: laser marking has many characteristics, it’s mark will not fade and cannot erase, it will also not fade because of the external environment (touch, acid and alkaline gas, high temperature, low temperature, etc.), avoid the phenomenon of mark can easily erase by ink code machine, make customers more at ease in process of use laser marking machine.

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