How Faith Can Provide A Conviction To Recover From Addiction

Reconnecting with positivity and faith allows feeling the support and love of God, and naturally brings a positive light into one’s life.
One of the most essential elements of recovery is faith.

Recovery is a difficult and psychologically painful process that can leave one afraid and lonely. Reconnecting with positivity and faith allows feeling the support and love of God, and naturally brings a positive light into one’s life.

Christian faith-based rehabilitation programs are designed across five basic elements of faith that assist patients putting more faith in their process of recovery:

1. Prayer

Faith and prayer is always interrelated. Acknowledging and feeling the presence of God through prayers is the foremost step in moving towards faith.

For patients who are not familiar with the forms of praying or are not used to it, a prayer journal or devotional book is provided to get them started.

Slowly, the habit of prayer and acknowledgement develops, helping them converse with God.

2. Focus on present

Dwelling on the events of the past is unhealthy, particularly when trying to recover from addiction. To let go of earlier mistakes is essential to recovery.

Faith in the present moment helps patients to believe in a better future and motivates them to view the present moment as a divine blessing.  

3. Take responsibility

Where dwelling on past is wrong, accepting one’s mistakes is right. To let go of the past it is psychologically essential to accepting the mistakes made earlier, in order to learn in the present and gain control in the future. Faith, in this case, helps patients to believe in being human and accepting their own flaws.

4. Ask God and his people for his forgiveness

Under the influence of drugs/alcohol the human judgment becomes blurred. Being blamed by the society causes an emotional conflict that has to be controlled.

Guilt is one of the most difficult hurdles in the way of recovery, as most patients revert back to addiction because of the overwhelming guilt.

To overcome this, patients are told to believe in the blessing of forgiveness while asking for it out loud. Apologizing to God and his people gives a feeling of lightness and freedom.

5. Feeling free to talk

Addicts are emotionally overwhelmed, and therefore, it is important for their recovery to share their emotions and struggles with others.

In Christian faith-based addiction treatment, the patients are encouraged to discuss their experiences with a religious entity.

This allows them to feel accepted, forgiven and worthy.


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