The Hope For A Sober Life

The more a Christian treatment center focuses on the true underlying causes of addiction, the stronger the foundation for recovery is.
Caught up in the depths of addiction, an addict will often feel hopeless.

Stuck in a battle between wanting to continue to feed the beast of addiction, and wanting to pursue a sober life, an addict’s head spins as they fail at attempts of trying both. Work becomes impossible, or they have become unemployable, dreams get flushed down the toilet, and families become dysfunctional shambles of what they once were. Yet, still, the drugs persist to win the battle. Some addicts may have brief moments of successful abstinence that are quickly dashed away by relapse. When this happens frequently, the addict begins to lose hope that they will ever harness and reel in their addiction and get their life back to a manageable state. With all these dilemmas, one might ask, is there hope for a sober life?

Drug and alcohol treatment centers have been popping up for decades claiming that they can restore an addict’s life back into a productive and happy state; however, the most effective ones are Christian treatment centers. How are they successful? The Christian treatment facility must operate with methods that are proven to work such as exercise and individual counseling. The more a Christian treatment center focuses on the true underlying causes of addiction, the stronger the foundation for recovery is.  

However great the Christian treatment center’s program is, really only matters if the addict is at a place in their addiction in which they are ready, willing, and able to receive the help. The absorption of the recovery lessons that the Christian treatment center facilitates is really up to the addict. If they truly want the help, they will accept it. The open-mindedness of the addict also plays a huge role in the treatment of drugs and alcohol abuse. If the addict enters the program with preconceived notions that it will be like being in jail and they will not learn or get anything out of it, then they simply will not; however, if they come into the program with a willingness to change, they more than likely will with the proper work and effort put forth.        

After treatment, the hope for a sober life continues with regular Church attendance and fellowshipping with sober companions. The connection made between recovering addicts is invaluable, and the freedom that comes from literally admitting that one is an addict or alcoholic is extremely liberating. The relationship with Christ that is developed in Church and the Christian treatment center helps addicts to learn put their faith and trust in Christ.     

With the help of a Christian treatment centers and support from a Church community, there is hope for a sober life. It is possible to go through these programs and return to a life free of substance abuse; however the results depend greatly on the willingness to do the work that comes from within. With proper support that comes with putting one’s faith in Christ, sober friends, alumni from Christian treatment centers and family, the hope for a sober life becomes brighter.

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