BILLERICA, MA – 14 Oct, 2015 – Deborah Harrington, owner of Get In Shape For Women of Billerica located at 700 Boston Road, provides personal fitness training for women of all body types. But since she opened her studio in January 2012, Harrington has done more than help women reach their fitness goals; she has also imparted in-depth nutrition counseling to keep those goals sustainable. Now, Harrington provides the same level of hands-on care and personalized approach to each client that inspired her to open her Get In Shape For Women in the first place, making her a champion of sustainable health in the Billerica community.

Laid off in 2008 from an executive position that she held for over a decade, the mother of two faced difficult decisions. Though she found a new job shortly after she lost her previous one, she nevertheless had to make cutbacks in her spending. A client at Get In Shape For Women of Bedford, Harrington considered ending her membership.

“With two boys in college, I knew that I had to make some sacrifices and I considered making Get In Shape For Women one of them,” said Harrington. “But a fellow Get In Shape For Women owner convinced me not to cancel my membership because they stressed the importance of keeping fit during such a stressful time, especially since I was keeping my eye out for a more lucrative position. My decision to stay soon turned out to be the best decision I could make!”

Recognizing that many of the trainers and owners alike at Get In Shape For Women were her age, Harrington was inspired to go back to school for night classes to become a personal trainer herself. Working and traveling for business while holding down a 10-hour a week evening program at the National Personal Training Institute (NPTI), Harrington kept her eyes open for a business opportunity that would allow her to transfer her skills.

That opportunity soon came as Harrington received an email from Get In Shape For Women founder Brian Cook about a studio and territories for sale and, after speaking with Nazarian about what it took to be a successful owner, Harrington’s interest was piqued.

“I started thinking about what I’d like to do for the next phase of my life and what kind of people I’d like to be around,” said Harrington. “I realized owning my own studio would allow me to give back by helping others achieve their health and fitness goals. After a year, 500 hours, at NPTI, I graduated and became a personal trainer and nutrition consultant. After many discussions with my husband, we decided to go ‘all in’.”

Using two home equity loans, Harrington opened her studio in Billerica where she serves as the owner and manager. In the early days she was a part-time trainer but now employs three other trainers. Harrington has run a studio that empowers women every bit as much as it improves their physical fitness. 

“We’ve really built a close-knit community of women in Billerica supporting each other and working toward achieving their health and fitness goals,” said Harrington. “We teach women the importance of taking care of their whole self, impressing upon them the need to take care of all aspects of their lives to ensure they are successful in the gym. If they aren’t eating properly, hydrating or if they have too much stress they won’t be able to succeed in their fitness goals.”

For Harrington, her focus on the community extends beyond studio’s support for women looking to get in shape.

“Community outreach has been one of our goals from day one and that’s a commitment we’ve stuck with every since,” said Harrington. “We work with local charities including food drives, local shelter drives, pet food drives, Toys for Tots, Lazarus House Ministries, the corporate-backed Get In Shape For Women Fonkoze’s ‘Staircase Out of Poverty’ program, which sponsored 50 women and their children through the 18-month program and more. A business is only as strong as the community in which it serves, and that’s a principle our studio is mindful of in everything we do.”

About Get In Shape For Women

Founded in 2006 by Brian Cook, Get In Shape For Women empowers women through body transformation in a small group personal training environment where a dedicated trainer works with one to four women at a time. The company’s body transformation program – a unique combination of weight training, cardio, supportive nutrition and accountability – is scientifically proven to work. In 2015, Entrepreneur Magazine ranked Get In Shape For Women No. 289 out of the top 500 franchises in the U.S. Inc. Magazine has also ranked the company No. 510 out of the top 5,000 businesses. Get In Shape For Women plans to grow 25 percent each year toward its eventual goal of 5,000 franchise locations worldwide.

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