Paragon Fish Oil Product Uses Molecular Distillation To Detoxify Fish Oil

Paragon Fish Oil is a new brand of premium fish oil in the crowded supplement market.

It is distinguished by superior quality, manufacturing, and purifying processes used by only a handful of the most elite brands, including molecular distillation, a process used to clean the fish oil from harmful contaminants like heavy metals. Molecular distillation is an expensive process that can add significant extra cost per unit to the price tag, but brands that take on this expense are superior quality and typically garner superior market shares.

Paragon Fish Oil is ultra concentrated, and is fished wild from the subantarctic and antarctic virgin waters off the most isolated coasts of South America.The fish oil is processed, purified, and shipped to customers by the manufacturer from an American facility that conforms to FDA standards and cGMP practices. The capsules are enterically coated to prevent fishy aftertaste and burping.

Fish oil is a popular supplement product among doctors, dieters, and nutrition enthusiasts for it’s high concentrations of Omega 3 essential fatty acids, which are not produced natively in the human body and must be ingested from other sources. Marine plants and algae are rich in Omega 3s, and the fish eat them and gain these concentrations. Omega 3s are known to lower triglyceride levels, free floating fat in the bloodstream, lower cholesterol, and maintain the health of the circulatory system, with added potential benefit to cardiac health. Paragon Fish Oil contains 800mg of EPA and 600mg of DHA Omega 3s per serving.

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