Parents Play a Major Role in Keeping Kids Alcohol-Free helps parents understand the risks of underage drinking and offers ideas for steering children away from alcohol

BOISE, ID – 15 Oct, 2015 – A revamped was launched in August to provide parents with tools to keep their children safer, healthier, and happier. The website highlights the risks associated with underage drinking and offers parents ideas for staying engaged with their children, a key factor in reducing underage drinking.

Drinking alcohol at a young age impairs the parts of the brain that control good judgment, impulse control, and learning and memory. When a child drinks underage, they’re more likely to experience problems in school and face issues like unplanned sexual encounters, date rape, and driving under the influence. More than one-third of teen traffic deaths are alcohol-related; in a survey, 30% of Idaho high school students reported riding with a drinking driver within the previous 30 days.1

One of the most effective ways parents can help steer their children away from alcohol use is by staying actively involved with them even as they grow older and more independent, says Elisha FigueroaAdministrator of the Idaho Office of Drug Policy, the Idaho agency that oversees

“Believe it or not, many students cite their parents as their primary influence,” says Figueroa. “Statistics show that children who hear their parents say they disapprove of underage drinking are less likely to drink.2 So, just the simple action of talking to your child about alcohol can shield them from devastating consequences.”

On BeTheParents,org, parents can find information about:

• The risks of underage drinking
• Signs that may indicate their child is drinking
• Tips for talking to their teen
• Positive ideas for staying engaged
• Stories about kids who are pursuing a passion instead of engaging in negative behaviors like underage drinking
• National and Idaho resources for getting help if their child is already drinking

About is a project of the Idaho Office for Drug Policy that works to prevent and reduce underage drinking in Idaho. We help Idaho parents understand the risks of underage drinking; provide resources to help parents prevent underage drinking; and direct parents to professional help if necessary.

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1. Wood, M. & Read, J. “Do Parents Still Matter? Parent and Peer Influences on Alcohol Involvement Among Recent High School Graduates.”

2. Bray, J., McQueen A., & Nash, S. “Pathways to adolescent alcohol use: family environment, peer influence, and parental expectations.”

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