Flex Surveys makes getting Employee Feedback easy for Small and Large Corporations Flex Surveys, the leader in Employee Engagement Surveys

Flex Surveys is the leader in Employee Engagement Surveys.

October 15, 2015 – Flex Surveys is the leader in providing small and large companies with employee engagement surveys throughout the United States and Canada. Businesses can take advantage of the company’s standard questionnaire templates, or customize their own to suit their specific needs. The company prides itself on providing small businesses, large corporations, and non-profit organizations with the highest employee participation rate and quality feedback.

Flex Survey customers can choose between three standard questionnaire template packages, Pulse15, Flex50, or Full100. Alternatively, businesses may choose to work with the company’s professional research specialists and designers to create a high-quality, company specific survey specifically tailored to their needs. Survey topics include Job and Role Clarity, Compensation, Work Environment, Senior Management, Benefits, and Customer Service, among many others.

To further improve feedback quality, all of the surveys are designed to collect feedback using open comment boxes with every question throughout the survey, as well as a comment box at the end of the survey to allow employees to describe their answers in further detail if they choose. Additionally, Flex Surveys offers over 35 different question types, from quick multiple choice questions to more advanced tools.

In addition, all surveys can be completed by employees in a many ways, including online and offline. Employers may choose to send personal email invitations, print questionnaire forms, supply employees with generic links, request employees to access the questionnaire using their smartphone or tablet, or any combination of these options.

Businesses that employ people who speak multiple languages, or offer employment to people outside of the United States can easily receive employee feedback with Flex Surveys questionnaire translation services, included with every package. Flex Surveys can provide surveys in over 64 languages.

Businesses can now get a better understanding of their employees’ needs and satisfaction with the Flex Surveys programs, as well as see how they rate compared to other companies of the same size. The Flex Surveys benchmarking feature is included with every employee engagement survey package, and will provide employers with custom benchmarks based on the company’s industry, work force type, geographical location, and size. Furthermore, the NPS analysis will give employers an overall view of how likely your employees would recommend others to work for your company and whether or not they would recommend your company’s products and services to others.

Flex Surveys also offers more than just employee engagement surveys. The company also offers employee performance evaluations and 360 feedback surveys as well as entrance and exit survey packages.

Flex Surveys tools and questionnaire packages makes it easy for businesses and organizations of any size discover and understand what their employees want and appreciate the most from their employers, which is why they are the leaders in employee satisfaction survey services.

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Package rates starting as low as $500. Special discount rates may be available to non-profit and charitable organizations.

For more information on other Flex Survey packages, please visit: www.flexsurvey.com

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Flex Surveys is the leading employee engagement survey provider in Canada and the United States. Their packages are designed to provide the highest quality with the most accurate and highest completion rate possible.

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