Passfeed App for United States School Social Networking for Trendy Men and Women

Passfeed has made more stars than any other podium in the last one year for iPhone and Android phone users in the America College circle. 

It seems to have waited for the other big social networking giants like Facebook and twitter to exhaust all that they could afford and then introduced their app for better social networking experience to the terrain but with more emphasis and focus on college students. 

When asked why it had to be centralized on this particular set of folks, the founders mentioned that it did so in order to meet the needs of the society at large and since the college kids are the hope of the future nation and economy – they needed to understand the essence of good life, better relationships and wiser decision making, and the app precisely delivers all of these. 

Passfeed helps USA college boys and girls to think on their feet in speed of time, as instant updates and interactive notifications are streamed real time via the network on their smartphones. 

Trendy men and trendy women across colleges in the United States now have a platform to meet without stress and to discuss the next trendy show, party, basketball or football affairs, the movie or picture shared making millions of hits in few hours of sharing, and so many other exciting stuffs. 

Passfeed app for social networking has united more people from diverse cultures in America than any other medium in the last one year, and we are talking about happy relationships that have bonded like-minded and exciting folks via a push of button on their phones. 

As a user, you can easily share your gig, pictures and videos to other network members in less than few minutes and you can get rewarded by other dudes sharing any of it amongst other college students nationwide.

And this could mean better exposure for you as a songwriter, for your six packed well chiseled sexy picture or for your love gig notification. 

This app is the best thing that has happened in recent times for the Americans and they have much wiser approach to networking better than ever before! 

Life gets better with College students every hour of the day, and thanks to Passfeed – the revolutionary social networking app with a mission! 

About Passfeed:

Passfeed is a popular American social networking application for easy people-to-people networking & connection. By using this app, users can share and upload photos of their precious moments with several viewers and can get feedback, find parties nearby and strike new exciting relationships.

To know more, log on to the portal of this app or download the app for free.

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