SCOUTYNAUT is the new and revolutionary job portal and recruitment system

Considering the increasing rate of unemployment pertaining in the world and even well qualified and talented people not finding the right job for them, a new online service for finding job offers has been launched, named SCOUTYNAUT.

SCOUTYNAUT is an online job platform which consists of SCOUTYNAUT App and SCOUTYNAUT Portal. Unlike the other online job portals which consist of unlimited job descriptions, links that sometime redirect to different pages and even websites, SCOUTYNAUT is a closed system and all the search requests will be inside the platform only. The job seekers as well as job providers will make the searches only within the system of SCOUTYNAUT.  

SCOUTYNAUT is not a job portal, advertisement portal or a headhunter, it is claimed to be a high quality recruitment system and platform for viewing job offers.

It is a platform which unites all services in one to make job search more efficient, meaningful, ecological and inexpensive.

The aim of this system is to revolutionize the world of online job search as it offers high quality job search for all the sectors at an affordable cost. For both employees and employers SCOUTYNAUT is a one stop system for job search and recruitment needs.

This system also eradicates the need to write or proofread dozens of applications as the employees can share their digital applications with job providers and employers only need to check the matching candidates. In fact, the system also provides an option of internal video conference to start a pre job interview.

SCOUTYNAUT is aneco-friendly method for job and candidate search as prevents the use of millions of tons of papers and plastic material which are used as applications. Unlike the regular job portals which display unlimited and sometimes irrelevant results, SCOUTYNAUT will only display only the qualified matching results according to the adjustments by the candidate. The job offer displayed to the candidate is based on their matching score and if a job does not matches it would not be displayed on the profile.

The fully integrated and cloud based system SCOUTYNAUT is now available for any mobile device or browser everywhere at any time. It offers targeted requirements saving hours of time on irrelevant searches. The automated charity process within the system will also support national projects for the betterment of the community.

Developing and promoting this kind of platform surely requires a lot of funds for which the creators have started a crowd funding campaign on Indiegogo with a goal of $500,000. A variety of perks are also available for the backers such as lifetime access, co-development and huge referral bonus. The success of the campaign will allow the SCOUTYNAUT team to increase their development team with more specialists for general programming and establish the system at a global level.


Media Contact
Company Name: SCOUTYNAUT
Contact Person: Istvan Kovacs
Phone: +49 (0) 211-8302 3870
Country: Germany