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Martha Boyer of Imani Realty was recently featured on The website spotlighted Martha for her success as a real estate agent and broker. As a woman and African-American, her thoughts on diversity in the industry are especially insightful.

Imani Realty & Associates’ owner and leading real estate agent, Martha Boyer, made her way into the mainstream media with a featured spot on The piece included a picture of Martha as well as a quote pertaining to diversity within the real estate industry and how it has leveled the playing field for a true meritocracy.

A big part of Martha’s success can be contributed to the fact that she lives within the community where she conducts business. Martha has lived in the township of Willingboro, New Jersey for more than three decades. Her intricate knowledge of the area has helped her sell homes with impressive speed. Her husband, Stewart, has lived in Willingboro since 1968.

In regards to her job as a real estate agent, Martha states that it is a “people business” at its core: “I love people! It’s a privilege to have the opportunity to assist a homeowner to achieve their goals. Within the task of getting the homeowner to the end goal, there is always a challenge or hurdle of some type and at any given time throughout the transaction.” Indeed, real estate is not only about making a living. This line of work allows real estate agents to make a meaningful difference in the lives of others.

Martha was selected for the feature because she is a successful woman and racial minority. The piece published her thoughts on diversity within the industry. She explained how the level playing field has provided her with the opportunity to enjoy a comfortable living.

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