How Recovery Works In Many Ways For Different Patients

Support is the most critical factor in an addict’s sustained recovery.
At any recovery treatment facility, there are different platforms that will work best for different patients.

The different medical and mental health professionals, who have vast experience recognizing an addict’s needs and suitable programs to fit these needs, will put the patient into the right program; however, sometimes the patient can recognize their own needs in the base programs that the facility offers.

For instance, a twenty-eight day treatment program can offer the addict access to a structured and sober environment for drug abuse and alcohol addiction in a residential format. The staff will be accessible to the patient at all times, making sure there’s personal accountability for decisions on the part of the addict, but also helping to provide support for any medical and emotional needs the patient may have. During this highly intensive phase of treatment, the goal of a professional, certified and industry-recognized recovery facility like the ones in Orange County, CA, is to provide access to alternative methods of expression for the underlying challenges faced by the addict.

There should be opportunities to re-wire the addict’s brain into generating and accepting chemical rewards that are more organic-like those gained through physical exercise. It may have been a long time since the patient experienced such natural feelings of happiness that endorphins provide, and they may not produce right away because the dopamine receptors in the brain may be damaged as a result of the long-term substance abuse; however, if the physical exercise continues on a regular basis, it will greatly help the brain repair itself. The addition of therapy six days per week on an individual basis can help produce real effects from the cognitive behavioral changes that the talented and experienced State certified drug and alcohol therapists bring.  All of these combined efforts can help to generate change and recognition of patterns in a very short time for the addict.

The twenty-eight day primary treatment program offered in the best drug rehabilitation centers will also allow for the participation of family members and key people in an addict’s life. There is a common image of a drug and alcohol treatment centers as almost prison-like. This could not be further from the truth. For the patient who has issues to work through with family and other stakeholders, there is the opportunity to take part in weekly family therapy sessions. These sessions help enable a recovery at the end that returns the patient to a more stable, less traumatic sober life.

Support is the most critical factor in an addict’s sustained recovery. Be it support from the family, the community or the medical professionals at a treatment center; there is nothing more hopeful and helpful to someone suffering from addiction than an affirmation of their own inherent value. The drug rehabilitation program that offers this will help the addict more than just achieve sobriety, it will help them prepare for a life beyond what they ever thought was possible. 

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