NRLE Reports Synthetic Urine Figures Double In Last Eighteen Months Thanks To Better Products specializes in reviewing synthetic urine, and has reported that the improvement in available products has led to their use being more than doubled in the last year and a half.

Drug tests are becoming increasingly common in the workplace environment, as employers claim that drug use is responsible for dangerous and unpredictable behavior that can put other employees at risk while creating a liability for the businesses themselves. Many employees reject this idea and see it as a form of moral grandstanding, and seek alternatives to taking the test. Synthetic urine is an increasingly popular method, and NRLE is reporting use of the products is skyrocketing as improvements make them more readily affordable to larger audiences, with figures showing more than a 100% increase over the last eighteen months.

The statistics on the increase in usage were published in Honolulu, Hawaii by Diagnostic Laboratory Services, and these figures are anticipated to be reflected across a great many other states as they begin to publish their data. This is leading companies to halt applications by those caught using synthetic urine.

NRLE cites an improvement in the quality and delivery of these synthetic urine products, together with them being more widely available and affordable than ever before, as reasons behind the increase in usage, together with a general rejection of employers snooping on their employees’ social activities.

A spokesperson for explained, “Unfortunately despite superior technology making these products more readily available, the majority are still badly synthesized and therefore users get caught out, this makes users of poor quality urine vulnerable to having opportunities denied to them. That’s why it’s important for anyone considering synthetic urine use to buy right first time. Our website is committed to offering the best reviews and comparison studies available online, so those who want to retain their privacy can jump through the corporate hoops without being punished for making their own choices on their own time. We look forward to continuing to facilitate such freedom in future.”

About NRLE: is a review site that mainly focuses on finding the best synthetic urine products on the market. Their researchers and writers have spent countless hours gathering information from various online forums and have put it into an easy-to-read resource center to help people make informed consumer decisions.

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