REX Super Brain – A Ground-Breaking New Brainwave Learning Device Introduced

Unlike previous brainwave learning devices that indirectly induced brainwaves using sound and light, Super Brain stimulates brain waves, so that the users can more effectively sleep, rest, meditate, study, and increase their concentration.

On October 14, 2015, a ground-breaking new brain wave learning device was introduced.

Unlike previous brainwave learning devices that indirectly induced brainwaves using sound and light, REX Super Brain turns level of magnetic fields as subtle as terrestrial magnetism, which is then turned into a wave of certain frequency and directly stimulates brainwaves into alpha, theta, or delta wave. 

This product was FCC authorized, but it is not a medical appliance. It is rather a portable brainwave learning device with an outstanding brain wave stimulation performance. Therefore, the Super Brain is an answer for deep sleep, mental relaxation, studying, concentration, and creativity. 

Super Brain operates with a single 1.5 voltage battery and uses a low gauss magnetic field as subtle as the terrestrial magnetism. This is because the product was designed to be battery-life efficient.

Sound and light brainwave learning devices were popular in 1990s when there were countless products released worldwide. However, after their lack of performance were discovered, the majority of those devices disappeared. 

REX Super Brain that directly and effectively stimulates brainwaves by using the magnetic wave, instead of sound and light, is about to be launched. However, before everyone can use this brain wave learning instrument, REX Super Brain needs support. 

The funds raised will be used to supplement the funds needed for the first production wave of this product. 

The final benchmark of the project was to collect CAD $50,000 by November 6, 2015.

Therefore, the funding goal had to be changed since the current campaign describes the funding goal as only $5,000 CAD. The team figured out their mistake and tried to fix it, but the funding goal could not be fixed because there were backers already before they tried to fix their mistake. 

Nonetheless, even if the campaign reaches the mistakenly marked funding benchmark of only CAD $5,000, the team will take full responsibility and keep their promises with the sponsors by securing necessary additional funds via other methods and even loans if needed.

To help bring this innovative product to market, please visit the Kickstarter campaign or click here.

If you could help support REX Super Brain, which is trying to take responsibility of its own action, so that it can maintain its courage and motivation, it will make an immense contribution in helping our new brain wave learning device product – far superior to the existing ones – make a debut to a global market.

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