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VIIcode have introduced a new eye cream product. VIIcode T2 Oxygen Eye Cream is the name of their latest product. “T2” stands for a latest millstone extraction method. 

Using this latest unique millstone extraction method, this product is said to revolutionize the traditional skin care concept, and profoundly impact the beauty industry.

Originating from a luxury skin care clinic that specializes in customized skin care programs, the mysterious and low-key professional eye care brand VIIcode has been exclusively serving royalty, celebrities, and socialites. Products from this brand rarely launch to the public, but every product delivers top performance.

For this product, Byrne Laboratory uses a unique extraction technique called “T2” that has produced miraculous skin care effects surpassing expectations. Exotic plants gathered by hand from all over the world, including the Amazon Rainforest, are fermented in constant temperature using an ancient millstone.

VIIcode the 2nd Oxygen Eye Cream combines the active properties of exotic plants – the centerpiece of the brand VIIcode – with the fermentation power of ancient millstone from the Alps. As a result active ingredients from plants are delivered to encourage skin to naturally repair itself. During daytime the eye cream replenishes oxygen and shields skin from environmental stressors such as pollution, UV rays, and electromagnetic radiation.

During nighttime it repairs and stimulates damaged cells while energizing and strengthening the skin. Skin after use feels soft and hydrated, with fine lines erased and bags under the eyes tightened, allowing an angelic radiance and freshness from the inside out.


VII Beauty LLC sell a range of effective anti-ageing products, that consist of the latest active ingredients which often give instant results, comparable to those of botox and other more complicated procedures.

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