UK author pens book to help women make most out of life

UK author Adrienne Marks has written a book, “Me Time” to help ladies regain control of their life

Adrienne Marks says the only time people have is right now. So, right now is when people need to take control of their life and get things back on track.

“If your life seems out of control, if you want the peace and sense of direction you used to have, I’m here to tell you that you can,” Ms. Marks said. “I can’t counsel thousands of people one-on-one, but I can write a book giving you the tools you need to get back on track. So, I did.”

Ms. Marks’ book, “Me Time: The woman’s ultimate guide to fulfilling your potential,” is available on her website and

A health and wellness practitioner in the UK, Ms. Marks does a lot of work one-on-one. She’s helped hundreds of people reorganize and refocus to get the most from their life. Along the way, she also learned some practical applications that can fit almost everyone.

“There are certain things everyone can do and everyone needs to do,” she said. “Taken as a whole, it may seem daunting and scary. But when you break things down and take it step by step, it becomes easier.”

 That’s a key part of her book, taking things one step at a time, she said.

“Look at people who juggle dangerous objects. They did not pick up five knives one day and start juggling. They started with something safe, like two or three soft rubber balls. Once they’ve mastered that, they moved to more complicated juggling,” she said.

Ms. Marks’ book is already drawing high praise from across the Atlanic. “Adrienne teaches in a simple fun way and gives you processes you can implement easily for every area of your life,” wrote Raymond Aaron New York Times Best-selling author.

Her website has other testimonials and Amazon has more reviews of her book.

For a short while, Ms. Marks is offering bonus videos at no charge. Visit for details.

“I want everyone to have these videos whether they buy my book or not. They can help you,” she said.

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