Gameful Mental Health App SuperBetter Launches IndieGoGo Campaign To Scale Impact

Scientifically backed mental health app SuperBetter launches IndieGoGo campaign during Mental Illness Awareness Week to raise $150,000 for SuperBetter 2.0 – a gameful way of living to help even more people tackle real-life problems.

SuperBetter is called a “Gameful Way Of Living” because it allows those living with mental health challenges to increase their resilience and achieve their goals.  Nearly half a million people already use SuperBetter to live gamefully and tackle challenges such as depression, chronic pain and health issues, anxiety and post-traumatic stress.  Now, the creator of SuperBetter is launching an improved version, SuperBetter Pro 2.0, which will contain many new features for an even better user experience.  The creator has launched an IndieGoGo campaign to raise development funds for this project.

According to experts, about one in four Americans face mental health challenges each year.  About 77 percent of these people regularly experience physical symptoms of stress. SuperBetter 2.0 makes it easier to deal with these issues.  According to the creator, “SuperBetter is a gameful way of living which makes you stronger for life.  Living gamefully means channeling the same psychological strengths you naturally display when you play games, such as optimism, creativity, courage, and determination, into real life.” Playing SuperBetter has been shown to increase resilience and provide users with tools to get through the toughest of situations, even with only 10 minutes per day SuperBetter is an app and website that is powered by the science of games. It has already helped nearly half a million people tackle real-life problems by increasing mental resilience.

In order to help even more people beat mental health challenges such as depression, anxiety and post-traumatic stress, SuperBetter has launched an IndieGoGo campaign at seen at to raise $150,000 for SuperBetter 2.0. The funding will go towards new scientific research; app and website development; new PowerPacks to increase mental, emotional, physical and social resilience; and enhanced support for the SuperBetter Community.

“SuperBetter is a an engaging, proven tool that is profoundly changing lives for the better.  With your help, we can dramatically increase SuperBetter’s impact to help millions around the world be stronger for life,” said Keith Wakeman, CEO, SuperBetter.

With 1 in 4 Americans facing mental health challenges each year and 77% regularly experiencing physical symptoms from stress (National Alliance on Mental Illness, NAMI), the scale of the problem in the US is clear to see. According to NAMI, serious mental illness costs America $193.2 billion in lost earnings per year, showing how damaging mental illness can be on sufferers and the US economy.  Therefore, it’s crucial that broad-reaching, evidence-based mental health innovations like SuperBetter are championed across the US to complement traditional mental health care, extend its reach, and alleviate pressure on the health care system.

Conducted by the University of Pennsylvania and Ohio State University, it works by combining the same psychological strengths you naturally display when you play games – such as optimism, creativity, courage, and determination with your real life. It challenges you to step out of your comfort zone and collaborate with others, building up your resilience to tackle tougher and tougher challenges with greater and greater success.

But SuperBetter can have so much more impact. If they reach their IndieGoGo funding goal, SuperBetter will be able to commission more research into how the science of games can be used to improve lives, reach even more vulnerable people across the US and the rest of the world through gameful living and provide a safe haven for those wishing to share their experiences in the SuperBetter community.

About SuperBetter:  

SuperBetter is an app that already has a strong history of helping those with mental health issues better cope with the challenges of everyday life.  Now, the creator has launched an IndieGoGo campaign to raise funds to produce a new and improved version of the platform.


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