Launches In Home Personal Sushi Chef Facility And Surprise Birthday Party Planning Services

15th October, 2015 – The celebrated Ryan Pellumbi, Head Chef at Offersushi recently announced the launch of his company’s brand new in home personal sushi chef service as well as surprise birthday planning amenities. Based in Boston, Massachusetts, Offersushi has been a steady and trusted name in the “sushi” business since 2008 with several positive testimonials to their credit, and this time their private sushi-catering services comes with two added bonus benefits: special “surprise birthday party” planning and catering services as well as sushi-making classes for eager enthusiasts.

Although the personal sushi chef service was initially primarily aimed at their hometown residents, they are already reaching out to more customers by expanding their business to the neighboring towns and beyond.

According to Chef Ryan, the first seed for this existing project was when he was struck by the idea of “offering my clients fresh and delectable rolled sushi right in their own kitchens!” After further brainstorming, he came up with the idea of launching his new in home personal sushi chef service, along with surprise birthday party catering facilities. Thus the new project is aimed not only at traditional sushi lovers but also to clients who are on the lookout for birthday party planning services. For instance an in home personal sushi chef service is perfectly suited to a situation where an eager husband wishes to surprise his wife and vice versa. Thus, Offersushi’s full range of catering services not only include birthday parties, anniversary celebrations, family reunions and other special gatherings but also to impromptu events and private occasions.

However, the company is especially interested in meticulously conceptualizing and directing “surprise birthday parties”, and welcome consultations with the clients regarding the same. Unlike traditional party planning and catering services that focus primarily on the usual BBQ, hotdogs and burgers in their McDonald’s styled menus, Offersushi strives to be different and innovative and is committed to providing the very best and only the most unique to their clients. Thus, their focus is on a perfect “surprise sushi party”, so as to foster even better family and community bonds.

Whether it is a single mother wishing to celebrate her daughter’s sweet sixteen, or a group of college friends planning a gorgeous party for a classmate’s birthday, or a lover wishing to do something “special” for the significant other, Offersushi promises to make the birthday experience unforgettable and immensely delectable.

With an eclectic and customizable sushi menu that includes every kind of sushi roll ever conceived including the spicy Tuna Sashimi, the aphrodisiac Sexy Lobster Roll, the classics such as Red Sox Maki and California Rolls as well as for the adventurously-named Firecracker and Dragon Roll, Offersushi, with their highly affordable pricings leave their customers spoilt for choice.

Moreover, Chef Ryan has also introduced special sushi making classes wherein clients shall be taught authentic Asian preparation methods to cook delicious sushi for their friends and family.

For more information regarding the personal sushi chef service or Offersushi, please contact Chef Ryan Pellumbi at mentioned contact details.

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