WhenToVote helps Politicians Increase Voter Turnout

An innovative campaign marketing tool helps political campaigns get voters to the polls with marketing automation, SMS texting, and voter information collection tools.

Austin, TX – October 15, 2015 – One of the most difficult tasks that politicians and political campaign managers face is helping their supporters remember when it’s time to vote. One service aims to fix that problem with an innovative marketing tool that is more affordable and takes less time to implement than any of the previous marketing attempts that have been used throughout history. Political campaign managers and volunteers can now say good-bye to licking stamps and sealing envelopes with the political SMS platform service from WhenToVote.

Many campaigns have already begun to use the WhenToVote’s political SMS platform and have stated that they have received excellent results by using the service. Lt. David Russell, who is running for Sheriff in Grayson County, TX stated, “WhenToVote.com has enabled my campaign a more powerful communication channel that has resulted in more feedback from my constituents.”

The service offered by WhenToVote includes several innovative features, such as SMS texting service, political text messaging, bulk message scheduling, voter information gathering, and marketing automation. The platform also includes an iPhone and iPad app that can be downloaded and used on-the-go for even faster information collection. Politicians and campaign managers can quickly remind their supporters when it’s time to vote on Election Day with the customizable text messaging service.

In addition, WhenToVote users can feel at ease knowing that all of the supporter contact information is on a double opt-in platform, meaning they must electronically register, then verify their registration, to receive campaign updates. The secure platform will safeguard the collected information through encryption.

Recently, WhenToVote set up a display at the AAPC tradeshow for campaign managers to showcase what the service can provide and show managers how to use the website and apps to take their campaigns to the next level and gain more votes. The feedback from the campaign managers was astounding. The simplicity of the system and time-saving qualities it offers amazed many political managers.

The WhenToVote data collection and political SMS service can help politicians gain an edge over their competition by getting more voters to the polls on Election Day.

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Service rates start as low as $49.95/mo. 

About WhenToVote

WhenToVote is an information collection and political text message service offered to politicians, campaign managers and organizations to help candidates increase their campaign awareness and improve voter turnout.



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