Scottsdale Dental Studio Offering Permanent Crowns in One Visit

CEREC crowns offer patients the opportunity to have permanent crowns in just one visit.

Dental Studio 101, a premiere cosmetic dentistry spa in Scottsdale, is now offering patients permanent crowns in just one visit.

The state-of-the-art studio uses CEREC technology to form pure ceramic crowns in about an hour.

“This is a huge benefit for our patients,” says Dr. Megan Peterson Boyle. “Patients no longer have to wear a temporary crown while they wait days or weeks for a lab to finish their crown.”

The CEREC crown is formed from a block of porcelain at the Dental Studio 101 in-house laboratory. The result is a precision ceramic crown perfectly customized for each patient.

The high-quality ceramic crowns made at Dental Studio 101 fit over the natural tooth and perfectly match the color and shape of a patient’s existing tooth. An all-ceramic crown is safe and just as strong and reliable as other options.

Crowns are a great option for patients who have a cracked or broken tooth that still has a strong foundation at the root. A crown will cover the broken tooth and hold it together. This provides a strong and natural looking new tooth surface.

Crowns are also used for decaying teeth when cavities become too large for a filling. The decayed tooth can be cleaned and cleared of decay to provide a solid foundation for the crown. The result is a beautiful, natural looking tooth.

Sometimes, discoloration is too deep for whitening, so crowns also serve an important purpose for cosmetic dentistry. Even if the tooth is otherwise healthy, the appearance leaves patients feeling self-conscious or embarrassed in social settings. Covering discolored teeth with crowns can restore a beautiful, health-looking smile.

To learn more about CEREC crown technology, contact Dental Studio 101 at 480-488-4852 to schedule a consultation.

About Dental Studio 101

Dental Studio 101 is a full-service cosmetic dentistry and general dentistry studio in Scottsdale, Arizona. Patients from all over the country visit the practice for its top-level care and spa-like atmosphere.

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