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15th Oct, 2015 – The UK population has become increasingly health conscious in recent years as the reality sets in that the United Kingdom has one of the highest levels of obesity than anywhere in western Europe. According to the Global Burden of Disease study, in the UK, 67% of men and 57% of women are either obese or overweight. These frightening statistics has caused a massive surge in healthy lifestyle and eating. People are now trying to add more fruits and vegetables to their everyday diet, although finding the time to do so is often time consuming and difficult. As a result, the UK population has turned to juicing and blending their fruits and veg.

This juicing phenomenon has resulted in a lot of brands manufacturing juicers and blenders for the UK market. Obviously with this increase in the amount of choose from has left people confused. For most people, these kitchen appliances are a significant investment and some of the good ones don’t come cheap. Therefore a lot of research is done in order to find a reliable source that would offer you honest details about the best juicers and blenders in the market.

Juicing fruits and vegetables is considered as a healthy practice as it can rejuvenate your body, offer instant energy which is vital for daily activities and performs the job of detoxing the vital organs to flush out the toxins. Be it weight loss or health, juicing of fresh fruits and vegetables can do wonders to your body. In short, juicing offers you a glass full of nutrition while helping you to relish the taste of every ingredient that are crushed or pressed by the juicer. As the juicer has the abilityto extract the goodness from the vegetables and fruits completely, the vitamins and minerals are retained in the juice. If you have tried to find a juicer before,you will agree that the juicer market in the UK region is flooded with multiple brands claiming to be the best with patented features, which can make the buying process tedious and confusing.

This is where the site of comes in handy. This site collates information about all the best-selling juicers offered by reputable brands. When you go through the products displayed this site you will be delighted to know that it lists the benefits and features of each product. The detailed product descriptions on the site will help you get an idea about how the product will perform, the manufacturer, the feedback of the users, the blending technology employed by the juicer and individual technical specification. Additionally the my juicer product pages normally feature independent review videos for a better understanding of each product.

When visiting the collection of juicers you can be assured of finding the details about the best juicer that can cater to all your needs. Whether that is being able to use the advance filters on the product pages or reading up on new juicing/ smoothie recipes, has it all.

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