How Much Recovery Is Enough

Sober living is a good way to make the transition from treatment back into the rest of the world.
Finding a recovery environment that helps addicts to, not only understand themselves, but also gives them the skills to avoid their problem with substances, is not easy.

It is a little bit like finding a new home, but one pre-populated with strangers. For a patient to feel comfortable in the place where they receive a combination of therapy, medical treatment and social training, the facility has to be a special place. There has to be special people on the staff; those who are both highly trained and interested in patient recovery, above all else. There should be an environment of compassion encouraged among the other residents.

Building the kind of place that addiction patients can find comfortable is not easy and it takes a great deal of recruiting and investment. There is a fine balance between a curated, highly-comforting and stable environment and a place where the addict should want to stay forever. The goal of a drug and alcohol treatment program should be to make the patient well and then send them out into the world, capable of surviving without addiction behavior.  They should leave with the confidence to go out independently and make something of their new, exciting lives.

When a patient feels like staying in a comfortable recovery treatment center because it is easier than living real life, the professional staff’s responsibility is to nurture that patient out into their actual home. For this patient suffering with co-presenting disorders, or who has serious underlying boundary issues, will perhaps require some additional treatment or structure, in order to successfully make the transition back to home. Different options exist for extended recovery treatment in Orange County, including outpatient recovery therapy and sober living programs. There is also an extended (nearly three month) recovery platform that some treatment centers facilitate, which offers the addict the greatest possible support over an extended period of time.

For the addict, treatment and recovery can be a very frightening process. The transition back to an outside life is equally scary. A good drug and alcohol treatment facility will help the patient devise an aftercare plan that may include sober living if necessary. Sober living is a good way to make the transition from treatment back into the rest of the world. In addition, transitioning from a residential treatment program into an outpatient treatment program will help ease the patient back into the normal stressors and responsibilities in life.

Although the lessons gained in recovery will stay with the addict, they may not have the internal resources to see themselves as trustworthy and able to cope with the tribulations and unexpected trials of real life. In utilizing coping skills learned in a drug and alcohol treatment facility, a recovering addict can return to life well-equip to handle any circumstance that their life throws at them. The employee who has to go back to work, the student who has to return to class, or the father who has to go home to his children are all candidates for as much support as possible when they are recovering from addiction.

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