Denver, Colorado Resident Survives Rock Fall To Head – Writes New Book

Dancing With Vampires is a brand new book written by Denver, Colorado resident and author David Lloyd Strauss who was hit on the head by a falling rock while visiting ancient ruins. Published by Giggle Yoga, LLC, this new book just became available on and on October 15th, 2015.

Strauss uses the word “Vampire” as a metaphor to describe our daily struggles with overcoming our Inner Vampire of self-defeating thoughts, fears, and beliefs, and clearing our life from the Energy Vampires of negative people who suck energy and happiness from others.

The book title was inspired by watching people in vampire
costumes dance together at the Denver Zombie Crawl; where
Strauss realized that we dance with Energy Vampires and our own Inner Vampire all the time. They’re just not always in costume but they are a part of everyday life.

In Dancing With Vampires, Strauss teaches the importance of taking responsibility for our own happiness, health, and well-being by learning how to make decisions that build confidence and get results. He does this by sharing seven powerful lessons that he learned while recovering from his head injury and self-rescue in the desert.

The Seven Lessons:

1) Surround yourself with people you can learn from

 Self image is everything

3) Own Your Life

4)  Your questions shape your reality 

5)  Life is about energy and vibes 

6)  Gratitude is the remedy 

7)  Self-love is the prize 

David Strauss has embraced his second chance at life and is now positioning himself as a thought leader. He is the founder of The Giggle Yoga Project through which he is inspiring others to make health and happiness their highest priority. He was most recently interviewed by Bob Guiney, a star in the TV show, The Bachelor.

Contact Information:

David Strauss lives in the downtown Denver area; Available morning, afternoon, or evening for interviews.

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