Stephen R. Ventre’s Dedicated Sound & Audio Bluetooth’s Their “Sound Art” – Music You Can See

LAKE FOREST, CA – 15 Oct, 2015 – Friday morning 11:00 AM at the offices of Dedicated Sound and Audio and international Music / Art Combination Company in Lake Forest California at a gathering with local press and business associates, Stephen R. Ventre announced their newest release Sound Art (invisible speakers inserted into framed canvas or paper art) is adding Bluetooth Technology. Today a person can add sound art to any picture in the home or office and turn the entire canvas into a speaker, that in itself is amazing but now with Bluetooth Technology any person in the room that has a Bluetooth audio player (iPhone, Android, iPod and more) can connect to the art and play any song or sound they like and fill the room with their music. is currently in negotiations with major hotel chains and art distributors who have not only expressed an interest in this state of the art idea but are already ordering Sound Art for their locations. Stephen R. Ventre, CEO of DSA said, “Think of this, you walk into your hotel room grab your phone or iPod and find the music you like and Bluetooth to the picture(s) and the room immediately fills with the music or talk radio of your choice. How’s that for personalize service?”

It seems the hotels and office furniture providers agree because the orders are coming in and the company is quickly ramping up to produce hundreds of these pieces of art a day. They tested the produce on Amazon to see if the public thought it was a good idea and today they have created a retail division just handling Amazon orders. “We are excited here at DSA,” announced Steve, “we are looking for additional locations across the country to set up manufacturing and ramping up for what we believe will be a huge demand for our product.” We agree with Stephen, we listened to some of the client companies who showed just after the press release gathering and they seem to be more excited the Steve Ventre. We think that is a good sign.

It looks like nothing can hold back Dedicated Sound and Audio, just as we thought the gathering was going to end Stephen R. Ventre Mr. Idea man showed us an attachment to his cell phone. It conveniently attached to the back of the phone and just looked like it was part of the phone. Stephen turned on his Bluetooth and connected to the new speaker they made for the phone and lit the entire room up with blasting music. Stephen just smiled and said we are going to go into production on these little sweethearts very soon. Their latest invention, this small Bluetooth speaker for the phone was amazing. The sound was like a large home sound system, I have heard speakers you add to your Bluetooth device but nothing like this.

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Dedicated Sound and Audio are on their way to changing the way the public hears audio but not using standard speaker cones or magnets. They have given music and audio the opportunity to be available anywhere, from turning the entire wall of your home or office into a giant speaker, making your most precious art your new sound office or home sound system or turning a cell phone into a concert hall. This new technology, placed in to art is a tremendous idea and it looks like the applications for Ventre’s technology are going to be unlimited. We suggest you check out and see for yourself what a local Orange County businessman has done to change the way the world will see music and hear art. Sounds a little backwards but we assure you it is not.

About Dedicated Sound and Audio:

Dedicated Sound and Audio, Inc. “DSA” is an innovative new technology company that combines state of the art brake though concealed flat panel sound advancements this includes a trans-formative product which combines the aesthetic beauty and innovated Sound Art technology. Under the management of Stephen R. Ventre since 2012 this company is growing in leaps and bounds and the application of their technology seems to limitless.

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