The Recovery Process Through Residential Alcohol Rehab

Different situations and people require different approaches and programs for treatment.
Orange County treatment options for those struggling with alcohol addiction are many, and the treatment methods and platforms that are currently offered can set a facility apart from its peers.

Locating a recovery treatment program with a residential focus that offers many different types of therapy and can treat co-occurring disorders seems to be a lot to ask. Many programs offer one or two of those options; but finding all of them is a difficult. Then, asking that the program be reviewed by the non-profit CARF accreditation program is even more on the plate; however, there are those drug and alcohol recovery and treatment centers that will undertake all of this and more to assure patients and families of an investment in sobriety that will last a lifetime.

Residential treatment for alcohol addiction is something not everyone will want to undertake. Many alcoholics attempt to beat the disease on their own, or only with the use of the twelve step community resource programs. This can be an effective approach for some people, relieving them of the requirement to stay on a campus and invest as intensely in therapy; however, most people find that there is an immersion opportunity in a residential alcohol recovery program that offers insight and relationships which can help speed the healing process.

Different situations and people require different approaches and programs for treatment. The professionals at an Able to Change Recovery alcohol treatment program with a residential focus can offer daily physical fitness options to help the addict rewire their brain’s reward systems. This is not an easy feat, because alcohol damages the brain’s ability to feel relaxed and calm; therefore it may be challenging for an addict to initially feel these feelings. With the help of therapists, and a continual abstinence from alcohol, the brain can repair itself and begin to work properly again.

The Orange County treatment program can provide family counseling opportunities, along with different options for evidence-based treatment of alcohol and drug addiction. For those people who are not sure about the co-educational components of the residential rehabilitation program, there are even options to participate in single-gender recovery programs. One of the benefits of these single-gender recovery programs is that each gender is free to be vulnerable without worrying about what the opposite gender is thinking of them. This can be a huge relief for those addicts who are used to trying to impress others.

While the patient enters the program in a heavily supervised twenty-four hour orientation, over the first two weeks of the program, patients step down into a different and more personally-accountable program. Certified counselors, licensed therapists and medical doctors are all participants in a patient’s journey to sobriety. There is little left to chance in a well-developed and run alcohol rehab program. The program should include a variety of activities that engage and grow the patient, while providing enough therapy and group resources that the patient gets to know himself more profoundly. Recovery should be a process of growth. Residential treatment programs may be looked at as intense; however, the consistent environment of recovery will help the patient become stronger with every day they in treatment. 

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