Superstar Entrepreneur Debuting New Reality TV Show

Tampa, FL – Tampa Native, Delatorro McNeal, II has decided to use the Crowdfunding Platform to create an all new Reality Show after being rejected by Corporate America. He came up with a concept called THE KEYNOTE; an Inspirational Business Reality TV based on the #1 Fear in America… Public Speaking.

In 2013, Delatorro decided to broaden his message by throwing his hat into television by Executive Producing and Starring in his own reality TV Show. “I’ve always loved Reality TV. Business shows like The Apprentice, Shark Tank, and Hell’s Kitchen have always been favorites of mine because of their educational and inspirational duality,” McNeal says.

In the show 15 aspiring speakers from all walks of life come to Florida to spend 1 week with Delatorro in a large mansion where they are live together and are put in the pressure cooker by being mentored and coached by Delatorro and taught his 12-Step Blueprint for building a full-time speaking career – while having to prepare and deliver speeches and presentations to live audiences in a competition-type environment.

For the last 15 months, Delatorro has traveled the country with hopes of getting it picked up. However the big networks thought the show was too positive and didn’t have enough of the negative elements common in popular reality TV shows today. So Delatorro has chosen to take matters into his own hands, maintain the integrity of the original intention of the show – as well as the original cast, and utilize a popular new form of online fundraising called Crowdfunding to raise the money necessary to post-produce and launch this reality show online in the first quarter of 2016.

Utilizing social media, internet marketing, live events, streaming video programs like Periscope and local/national news media coverage, Delatorro, the 15-person cast and the 12-person marketing and branding team hopes to garner the support of people from all over the world to get behind their vision and help them make history as the First Crowdfunded Reality TV Show based on the #1 Fear in America.

The website for THE KEYNOTE Crowdfunding Campaign is

The campaign begins October 15th and runs through November 27th.

About Delatorro McNeal, II:

Tampa Native, Delatorro McNeal, II has recently been ranked as one of the top motivational speakers in the world. For over 17 years now, Delatorro has been sharing his heart-felt, hard-hitting, and life-changing presentations with audiences all over the world. Starting off in Toastmasters and climbing the ranks of the National Speakers Association, Delatorro has made a name for himself as major force in the professional speaking industry throughout the world.

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