International Business Association helps US companies to enter the Italian Market

The Watson Society ( – an italian based international business association – is interested in fostering partnerships with keen foreign business entities that understand why Italy is still such a smart place to take your business.

The Watson Society stands by its unparalleled templates for local branch establishment in Italy. When foreign businesses want a meaningful, appropriately orchestrated corporate presence in Italy, The Watson Society guides them through the process providing a framework and key resource pool as they integrate and smartly participate in the thriving Italian marketplace.

To begin to map the business environment of a new region, awareness of the business associations, clubs, and incubators is essential practice. Understanding common practice and having access to cultural, professional, and regional fluency, likewise, are necessary for survival.

Your outlook is unique, as is your service, product line, brand, and business presence. Establishing these has defined your approach to your business’ image and voice. Regardless of your field: “The Watson Society is open to partnerships. We believe in today’s Italian Business Community, and in demonstrating its viability and potential for expansion – says Carmelo Cutuli, President of the Association – one partnership at a time.”

Find out more about The Watson Society’s ability to support, establish, and promote regional branch business in Italy; network, resources, and reach – targeted and unparalleled research ability – hiring and staffing expertise, and institutional outreach strategies. Idenitify potentioal local business partners… and more – all from our Rome-based headquarters.

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