Bouquets of Chocolate Crowd funding Campaign Launch

July 9, 2014, USA – Choco-holics unite! Through the power of loads of small donations via a tasty new crowdfunding campaign – you may soon be getting (or giving) a special bouquet of chocolate. If the new Rockethub crowd funding campaign is successful, entrepreneur Ms. Gigi Page will get her dreams fulfilled – as will chocolate lovers!

Help Bouquets Of Chocolate realize their dream and open a storefront sure to wow chocolate fans and romantics. Bored of the same old roses and a card – make a huge impression on the first or 21st date with handmade chocolate roses. The average height of each bouquet is 16.5″ by approx. 10″ wide.

Now, thanks to this crowdfunding initiative, there are plans to open the first of many Bouquet of Chocolate boutiques in Charlotte NC.  But this chocolate savvy lady needs your help to make it happen. When’s the last time you dropped $2 (or more) on a chocolate bar? Now imagine if that same $2 could be used to fuel this vision for a beautiful store where you can buy everything imaginable that is chocolate-oriented and yummy. Check out the new Rockethub Bouquets of Chocolate Campaign and get all the tantalizing details. There are plenty of ways to get involved in the next 100 days and be ready to reap your sweet rewards.

As owner/entrepreneur Gigi Page says on the campaign site, “I have spent years acquiring the Trademark, LLC, Business Plan, vendors, product development, Storefront Concept. Each storefront will consist of more than Bouquets.

They will have all things chocolate, truffles, fudge, cakes, cheesecake, chocolate covered nuts, chocolate gifts of all price points, seasonal decorative items, and seating for coffee & dessert.  From wedding days to holidays – the 4th of July to 25th of December – there’s an occasion and a place for unique chocolate. Make hand crafted chocolate part of a unique engagement or bridal party gift.

Chocolate can be enjoyed and be molded to suit any occasion.  Bouquets of Chocolate can take your order big or small – whether 42 oz size or 64 oz. moulded chocolate Gigi and her team go all out and decorate for whatever special occasion you’re celebrating.  

There are plans to franchise across the country. As Gigi states, “I want my legacy to reflect the kindness and compassion which is so needed in this world today. I commit to this ideology each and every day.” By supporting the Bouquets of Chocolate campaign you’re not only supporting one amazing business venture – but all the animal lovers will unite in an effort to transform animal shelter’s to “No Kill Zones”. Who will follow in Gigi’s path? Maybe you’ll be one? Even if you can’t donate – share all the links with everyone in your network they just may thank you with a bouquet!

Rockethub Bouquets of Chocolate Campaign

Bouquets of Chocolate website

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