New Crowdfunding Campaign Launched To Reduce Unemployment

A new campaign has been launched on to raise $500,000 to help reduce unemployment through a jobs platform. The campaign will help launch Scoutynaut, which is a new global job exchange platform that will change the way people search for jobs and change the way employers hire people.

According to official reports, 9 million people in the USA are unemployed while 6.8 million are underemployed. In the UK, there are 1.85 million people unemployed while 1 in 10 people who work are struggling on the minimum wage. A new crowdfunding campaign has been launched to change those figures and make it easier for people to find employment and help employers remove the long delays in finding the right candidates.  That campaign is to raise money for the Scoutynaut jobs platform.

The Scoutynaut jobs platform aims to make it much easier for people looking for jobs to find the right position. It will also remove the hassle and long delays that employers face trying to find candidates to fill positions they may have. One of the biggest problems with the current job websites is the large number of what is known as spam jobs, where jobs are advertised that are not providing a real wage, which could either be commission based or jobs where the firm wants you to invest in a business opportunity that may not be credible. The other serious problem for an employer is using more than one job site to find key personnel. Scoutynaut removes those problems by providing an all in one job platform for employers and people seeking work.

The job platform works by using a specially developed matching algorithm, which helps to match the right people to the right job. By supporting the campaign, Scoutynaut will quickly become a reality. The people behind the campaign hope to raise $500,000, which is a drop in the ocean for bringing employers and people looking for work together to reduce the high unemployment rate.

“Modern technology has done little to make finding jobs or recruiting any easier,” a Scoutynaut spokesman said. “We want to change that.”

The business community has hailed Scoutynaut as a time-saving solution in finding key personnel. When a position is not filled it costs money. Not only does it cost money to advertise and hold interview days, but it also costs money by not having key personnel in the right positions. Job Hunters who are fed up of using lots of different job sites to try and get back into employment have also called it a long overdue solution in finding work.

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About Scoutynaut Crowdfunding Campaign

The Scoutynaut Crowdfunding Campaign aims to raise $500,000 on the platform to reduce the high unemployment around the world. The platform will bring employers and employees together.

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