Bootcamp Tulsa Continues To Experience Record Growth

Expansion of Local Fitness Company Continues

TULSA, Oklahoma – October 16th 2015 – Bootcamp Tulsa’s growth continues to occur at a record rate of growth. The women’s only outdoor fitness phenomenon continues to draw crowds as more and more women are discovering the magic of a fitness experience, rather than just a gym membership.

Although accountability is a major aspect of whether or not someone achieves fitness results or not, at a typical fitness facility each customer works out without much in the way of true accountability. This often results in customers contributing vast periods of time, yet experiencing minimal results. However, at Bootcamp Tulsa, accountability is a big part of the winning experience that is helping women of all ages to achieve noticeable results.

When a customer arrives at Bootcamp Tulsa an enthusiastic coach who welcomes them and greets them. As the women arrive one by one, the coach energetically integrates each woman into a true family environment. Ladies are introduced to each other and often times certain exercises require the women to partner up which again works to solidify friendships and bonds that often last a life time. Overtime these friendships and the enthusiastic coach’s guidance begin to serve as the accountability that most people need to push through the short-term physical pain associated with working out.

Because so much emphasis is placed on creating a family environment, a true sense of community appears to be at the heart of the growth that Bootcamp Tulsa is experiencing. Their recent Change A Life Challenge event was focused on giving back to the area’s first responders in a real and impactful way and the response has been remarkable. Firefighters, police officers, and other members of the local first responders team can now be found working out together at both Bootcamp Tulsa and JC’s Dynamic Sports Development. Dynamic Sports Development offers classes for both men and women, whereas Bootcamp Tulsa is focused entirely on helping women to achieve their fitness goals.

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